Friday, July 8, 2011


Something new just arrived at our shore, Moose's MIGHTY BEANZ is seen now at our local Jusco store featuring STAR WARS character. For those not in the know, Mighty Beanz has been around since 2004 and with their initial cartoonist properties which later also feature other licensing properties like Marvel, TMNT, Simpson and Pokemon. 

Mighty Beanz was later re-launch at 2010 with all new series 1 properties and now with series 2, all new Marvel line, Disney Pixar's Cars and STAR WARS.

Star War Beanz is sold in a pack of 4 and is retailing at RM$ 22.90 each pack with 1 visible beanz and 3 hidden beanz. Total of 60+ beanz to collect that range from Common, Rare and Ultra Rare Beanz in them. 

With having so many Beanz, where do u store it if no other then the Star Wars Beanz collections case which feature DARTH VADER and the Millennium Falcon. Each case can store up to 40 beanz and is price at RM$89.90 each. Pricey it seem but all worth it, the case contain 2 exclusive beanz that is NOT available elsewhere except the case itself.

So now u have the beanz and the collections case to store your beanz, what next? Next is to have funs with the beanz, there are countless way to play the beanz. Race them, shoot them, tilt them, spin them with Might Beanz trackset, game set and others.

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