Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bandai - Super Henshin MoriBakuru 2

Remember last year Super Sentai series Samurai sentai ShinKenger which its Shinken-OH was made up of moji origami animal. Well now there a similar product that Bandai is releasing called the "CHO HENSHIN - MORI BAKURU" series 2
Its actually Chinese/Japanese Character that transform into what the character is. 6 design to choose from and with 4 color in each design (Purple, green, yellow and black). Character are based on land animal, insect or sealife.

So in series 2, design available is WOLF, BULL, TURTLE, SHARK, KABUTO & DRAGON. Simply amazing and can't wait to find them on shelves. These would be release in japan mid december with the price tag of 100yen each. Since they are candy toys, expect a candy in them.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mcdonald's Happy Meal - Battle Force 5

"Let's Storm and Surf" is the tag line for Dec 2010 McDonald Happy Meal premium toys. Consisting toys for both boys (Hot wheels : Battle Force 5) and girls (Barbie: A mermaid tale), the toys will be release from 8th dec till 29th dec 2010. Each week will have 2 toys to choose from either Hot Wheels or Barbie, so a total of 8 toys design.

Will be solely focus on Hot Wheels Battle Force 5, The packaging in black color. 4 design from Battle Force 5 each week. Each Vehicle will also come with a mini character figure and also the vehicle have a gimmick to it.

The packaging

Hot Wheels : Battle Force 5 Vehicle
The Gimmick - Each vehicle come with a front activated mechanism that when hit
will spring open the vehicle top with the mini figure spring up.

The Gimmick - Mini Figure sits in Vehicle with spring open top

The Gimmick - Mini Figure spring-up

Vehicle and Mini Figure can be play/ display separately.
- Saber with Vert Wheeler
- Reverb with Stanford Isaac Rhodes
- Zelix with Zemerik
- Water Slaughter with Sever


Monday, December 20, 2010

Be@rBrick : Series 21 - All reveal final

My last post posted the official series 21 photo with a few unknown. Now we have the final confirmation of what coming out for series 21. Harry Potter seem to be out from series 21 and at the same time, there is a new Theme which is called HERO. Batman is where the HERO theme will be for and this is very exciting, we will be getting DC universe heroes character in Bearbrick. With Green Lantern movie just round the corner will it be secret or will we see more classic character like Superman, Flash, Wonder Women and others.  In the last series 20, we have Ironman and War Machine in the SF theme, hope to see more Marvel character.

Also for the 1st time, 2 regular BearBrick release in a single Theme in SF as we see 2 Tron (DAFT PUNK) at the same percentage. Series 21 have lot of new changes and it looks promising. Cant wait for this series to be release. Cool.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Be@rBrick : Series 21 - Reveal

Its time where Medicom reveal what Bearbrick series 21 have in store for us, Enjoy the photo below with all the know license property except harry porter which is no where to be seen. Hmmm.

As usual we have the following series from left to right and top to bottom as shown : -

Basic - Crimson red

Jellybean - Transparent olive green?

Pattern - Prodigy

Flag - Mexico

SF - TRON (there are 2 version, question is which is the secret and why are secret reveal now?)

Horror - Twin Peaks (Pic below taken from the show) both are blue.

 CUTE - BARBIE (now this is obvious, don't you think)

ANIMAL - KAREL CAPEK ( a japanese Tea shop / Brand. Check it out. karel capek)

Batman - i dunno really know where BATMAN fit into all these as we have all the theme in the series as shown and also we do not have harry porter.

The last 2 should be Artists theme and one of them is Designer Eric Haze.

That all for now. keep an watch for more reveal pics as the release date close by. cheers.