Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rider Masked Collections : Vol. 7 (Secret)

News and picture was release in Feb 2010 issue of a Japanese magazine. The announcement of Vol:7 Masked Collections Secret Head.

Its Classic SHOCKER RIDER with Yellow scarf..

Its gonna be a hard to get piece if the assortment is something like in vol : 6. All the best everybody.


Mcdonald's Happy Meal - Transformers Animated

McDonald's recently release the Transformers Animated toys which is free with purchase of any McDonald's Happy Meal. Promotion stated on 28th Jan 2010 till 24th Feb 2010 with 1 design per week release.

Comes in 4 difference design from the Animated Series consists of :-
1. Optimus Prime
2. Bumblebee
3. Ratchet
4. Megatron

Made in durable plastic and simple transformation sequence. Size is around 4 inch in height, with good paintjob too. Recommended for Transformers Fans new and old.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kamen Rider - S.I.C (Super Imaginative Chogokin)

S.I.C. (Super Imaginative Chogokin) was a series that started it all with all my other premium high-end stuff. Totally blow away by its imaginary visual design on classic Rider looks and also new take on the new Rider character. Release by Bandai in the mid 90's, S.I.C. has been going steady with a line of character from Kamen Rider to Other Toku series. S.I.C comprises die-cast parts / weapon / accessories with highly detail sculpt and highly pose-able figure which was not available in the market at that time.

Since my interest grew with Ryuki Series, not surprising that i started my S.I.C with Ryuki series character, namely RYUGA and ALTERNATIVE in Vol 25. Later on, trying to backtrack all previous release of Ryuki series as in Vol 23 (Ryuki), Vol 24 (Knight / Ohyja). Got both vol 23 & 24 from Japan at a slightly more then retail because of inflation but never regretted getting it.

Later found out about LIMITED Edition and EXCLUSIVE edition S.I.C which also feature rider from Ryuki Series. A single piece RYUGA SURVIVE form (which was never shown on screen) and a double pack of Ryuki and Ohyja in BLANK form. Got them both at a good price from a friend's friend of mine. So up todate, kinda have all the available character, still a long way to go.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Kamen Rider's SODA / Soft Drinks

Its interesting that there are various Kamen Rider products out in the world from toys to TV show, stationary to garment and many others that we don't even know about. So how about a Rider drink, do you know there is a Kamen Rider Soda / Soft Drink in Japan?

Manufacturer by DyDo Drink in Japan. The Kamen Rider SODA drinks is available in 9 difference design or maybe flavour at 350 ml a can for the price of 100 yen only! Good to have a set as collections!

The 9 design available are Kamen Rider Ichigo, V3, X, Stronger, SkyRider, Black, Shadowmoon as well as Shocker Soldier and power up Niigo.

For more details, visit DyDo website at
There are also Ultramans and Monsters Soda Drinks.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rider Masked Collections : KABUTO (Part 1)

Featuring Heads from Kamen Rider Kabuto Series

Masked Form KABUTO - Series 3 : # 14

Rider Form KABUTO - Series 2 : # 8

Rider Form KABUTO - "Change Beetle"

Rider Form HYPER KABUTO - Series 3 : # 12

Rider Form HYPER KABUTO - "Change Beetle"


Monday, February 8, 2010

Rider Masked Collections : RYUKI (Part 1)

Featuring Heads from Kamen Rider Ryuki Series.

KAMEN RIDER RYUKI - Series 1 : # 5

KAMEN RIDER KNIGHT - Series 1 : # 6

KAMEN RIDER OHJYA - Series 1 : # 7

KAMEN RIDER TAIGA - Series 1 : # 8


Friday, February 5, 2010

Rider Masked Collections : Vol. 6 (In)

Its here , got this series last year in december, initially i got 2 boxes from shop but dissapointed didn't get a DECADE rider head, then get another box (last box from shop) and was blessed with the DECADE rider head. This series was so popular that it sold out from shop less then 1 week of arrival. No restock and most shop also didnt bring in this series locally.

The assortment for this series is kinda crappy. From all 3 boxes, i can safely says that each box will 100% consist of KUUGA's Pegasus (green) and Dragon (blue) form head and also RAIA heads. And from all 3 boxes only have one Decade, Den-o strike form, Kiva Emperor, Kirameki, Gatack masked form and Zeronos vega form. I did not get a Gatack Hyper (MOST SUPER DUPER RARE AND HARD TO GET) and Den-o Liner form.

Below are the head that i already open and display in my cabinet.. Enjoy..







Rider Masked Collections : Custom ZANKI

My 1st ever customizing on the 1/6 Masked collections series. What made me do it, well its because of the secret head in series 5 which is the Zanki from Hibiki series. Since there be a regular head of Todoroki in the same series, should be fairly interesting to work on.

Once i get my hand on an extra piece of Todoroki, i can get to work. Got me a paint thinner, a rusty look color, a masking tape, a tray, brush n scissor. Everything just cost me around rm30 and am on my way.

First, i use masking tape to cover all the part that DO NOT need to be painted. Which leave all the expose part to be painted with Zanki color.

After painted, then removed the masking tape (after paint is dry- leave it for 24hr). At this point, will notice some little unpainted area here n there so touch-up is needed to cover all those small unpainted area. Can use smaller brush, needle or toothpicks for this delicate small work.

For me, am satisfied with the outcome of it. Other might wanna use a clear coat paint spray to gave it a shining glossy look.

There, finished. Now i got a Zanki to compliment my Hibiki series without spending a hefty sums for it. Now i need to find others that uses that same color for customs. Cheers.


Be@rBrick : Series 19 (Hidden Bear)

Pics for series 19 hidden bears was reveal just a day before the launching of series 19. Again we got 7 hidden bear available. What happen this time is , all hidden bears are in the same assortment rate / percentage which is the 1/192. This does not go well with some collector as in this series, getting multiple hidden bear is like looking a needle in the haystack.

Let see what are the Hidden bear be for this series 19. From left to right.

- Stussy XXX Anniversary
- Kim Songhe & Disney
- 裏SF [モモタロス(仮面ライダー電王)]

since all of them are 1/192 rate, meaning all of them hard equally hard to get. 1 per box i assume.


Be@rBrick : Series 19 (in market)

Finally, series 19 of Be@rbrick was release last year a week before christmas. Featuring Pink color box this time around and with the usual Medicom's trademark and design for the bears.

A case of Be@rbrick was selling at Action City for RM4xx.xx, since the japanese yen currency rate has gone up, price for the bear also went up. A case consists of 24 boxes of bear, what it be inside, which secret does it hold for collectors. Let "tikam" and open them all :)

What do u know, as usual the case contain a full complete set of 8 with some extra. I've myself tikam a few and got double of some.. but was happy to trade it off for others i do not have. Manage to get my wants which is Pattern, Animal, Cute, Horror and Sci-fi.

Only got 3 special bear, 2 of which is the Artists bear in the series and 1 is the hidden bear which is Momotaros from Kamen Rider DEN-O series in 2007. Why was MOMO choosen to be a hidden bear beats me. If any 1 know please enlighten me. Thanks and enjoy.