Monday, February 15, 2010

Kamen Rider's SODA / Soft Drinks

Its interesting that there are various Kamen Rider products out in the world from toys to TV show, stationary to garment and many others that we don't even know about. So how about a Rider drink, do you know there is a Kamen Rider Soda / Soft Drink in Japan?

Manufacturer by DyDo Drink in Japan. The Kamen Rider SODA drinks is available in 9 difference design or maybe flavour at 350 ml a can for the price of 100 yen only! Good to have a set as collections!

The 9 design available are Kamen Rider Ichigo, V3, X, Stronger, SkyRider, Black, Shadowmoon as well as Shocker Soldier and power up Niigo.

For more details, visit DyDo website at
There are also Ultramans and Monsters Soda Drinks.

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