Monday, December 31, 2012


The annual Big Bad Wolf Book sales was on again earlier this month! I missed the previous sales so i made it a point to made it this time around. The event this time was held at the Mines Convention Centre (MIECC) on the 7th-23rd Dec 2012. The newspaper ads below :-

Prices are like what the ads shows 75-95% off and its really is a bargain to get hold of your favorites title, my preferences are mostly Graphic novel and trade paperback.

My total purchases during the event, it was an enjoyable experience to see so many and i mean tons and tons of books of various genre for all age group of readers. Truly, one day just wasn't enough to browse thru all the books there. Glad i made it this time around and hope to be there again next year. 

1. Curse of the Mutants - Mutants Vs Vampires ( At 1st glance, looks like Inferno? lol)
2. Secret Wars (Wanted to read this for ages! guess now is the best time to do so)

3. The New Avengers Vol.1 - Breakout (Now this is new to me, so i gave it a try, 
also because it by Bendis! on story and Finch! on arts.)
4. DareDevil - Guardian Devil ( Kevin Smith and Joe Quasada sold me, nuff said)

5. Ultimate X-MEN Vol 18-19 (The 2 lastest vol to my collections)
6. Ultimate Spiderman Vol 14-15 ( the missing vol. in my collections)

7. WOLVERINE - (Classic Wolvie 1st and with names like Claremont & Miller, can't pass this up in my Wolvie collections)
8. WOLVERINE ORIGINS : Savior (I don't follow this but again its Steve Dillon, i wanna see how he does the art for Wolvie. )

9. FLIGHT Vol:1 (A compilation series of short story by independent writer)
10. SKIM (A graphic novel by Mariko Tamaki )

11. Wolverine:Weapon X Vol2 - Insane in the Brain HC (I must be insane! LOL)
12. X-MEN Phoenix Rising HC 
(Classic return of Jean Grey! by Burne, Buscema and gang!)

13. TRANSFORMERS : Escalation (This is a surprise finds, its a continuations from TF: Infiltrations, heck now i have to find it.)

14. DAN BROWN - The Lost Symbol (Special edition ni!)

15. The Holy Bible - (The pictorials version, this is a huge book)

That it folks, hope i can get it all down before the next Book sales returns. Cheers

Friday, August 31, 2012

Mighty Beanz Warehouse sales.

RB ZICON, the distributer for Moose's Mighty Beanz is having its warehouse sales from 30th Aug - 2nd Sept (Thursday - Sunday). Don't miss it if you want to grab some Beanz Bargain. cheers.

If you are familiar with Litt takk warehouse, this is just 1 street ahead, turn left at the traffic light. The warehouse is on your right.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Power Ranger Operation Overdrive (US)
Theme : Adventure / Treasure Hunter

Daibouken - Robo mode
Legs and Torso - Go go Dump (Bouken Red)
Chest - Go go Formula (Bouken Black)
Head piece/ back - Go go Gyro (Bouken Blue)
Left Hand - Go go Dozer (Bouken Yellow)
Right Hand - Go go Marine (Bouken Pink) 

Vehicle mode
Vehicle mode
Go go Dump (Dump Truck with extendable arms)
Go go Formula (6-wheeler power car, folded front engine
with non-functional missile launcher)
Go go Gyro (Hovercraft, folded wings)
Go go Dozer (Bulldozer with scoop feature)
Go go Marine (Submarine with side claw feature)

Carrier mode
In carrier mode, Go go Dump carries on its back both the smaller Vehicle which is the Marine and Dozer (with folded parts). Gyro with its folded turbines wings is attached to the top part of Formula with the from engine folded up. There a hinges at Dump front that can hook up to Formula which allow formula to pull everything.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Fourze Astro Switch 4 sale

Some GASHAPON Kamen Rider Fourze Astro switch for sale. All actual items are new in bag and sticker still not yet apply to it. Photo shows are what the switch looks like. Interested buyer can email me your wants to with subject title "Astro Switch 4 sale"

Legend Rider Switch @ RM 30.00 each

Astro Switch # 5, 6 @ RM 28.00 each
Astro Switch # 7, 8 @ RM 18.00 each
Astro Switch # 13, 15, 16, 17, 18 @ RM 23.00 each

Astro Switch # 22 @ RM 18.00 each
Astro Switch # 24, 27, 29, 33, 36 @ RM 23.00 each


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lego Minifigures 8 - Annouced and reveal

The long awaited LEGO minifigures Series 8 has been reveal recently... enjoy.. :)

Group shoot - am liking and taking 1/2 of them as i dun collect music and sports theme. Yes, there a man-bat there and some recycle / repaint figures.

Black packaging is something new and looks promising, Am sure will get my hand on them. Expected release date might be in mid Aug 2012. Please let the price not increase anymore..


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

RMC VOL 13 : Announced

Finally, after a very very long wait for news / image of the next Vol of Rider Masked Collections, we now present to you the release news on VOL 13. There are a total of 14 Masked plus 1 secret masked in this volume. 

The line-up for vol 13 include the followings : 

1. General Shadow

2. Kamen Rider J - Jumbo Formations?? (What the heck is this?, what difference to the previous releases in Vol 5??)

3.  GANGANJII (Appear in SkyRider)

4. Kamen Rider Stronger (Eye repaint version) ?? again what the heck is this?

5.京介変身体 (Kyosuke henshin - Masked Rider KYOUKI)??
6. Kamen Rider Kivaara

7. Kamen Rider - Rising IXA

8. Kamen Rider Den O - Spectral Skull form
9. Shilubara

10. Kamen rider BIrth ( Light-up Eye Version) WTH!?
11. Kamen Rider OOO - Burakawani Combo 

12. Kamen Rider Fourze - Electricstate Form

13. Kamen Rider Meteor Storm

14. 2012 New Kamen Rider.. its KAMEN RIDER WIZARD :p

15. Secret

That all folks.. hope this will gave you a general idea of what is coming in Vol 13.. and its sucks with some of those repaint version! Really WTH! :S




Yes, the reveal of all Rider masked in Selection 3 and also the New Rider Masked that was speculated to be Another Agito. So is the speculations correct?, see below photo.

With this volumn, am only will be getting that 1 new Rider Masked which is the Another AGITO. So meaning just a few more and AGITO will be complete as well. Great.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

RIDER MASKED COLLECTIONS : VOL.12 (Announced/Revealed)

Well the latest volume to be release come July 2012 will be Vol 12 and with another 14 new plus 1 Secret for your collections. With the annoncement of the line-up comes also the Full reveal of all the 14 Rider Masked except the secret.

As shown from the photo below, there will be Rider Masked from 8 difference series with the breakdown as follows:

AGITO X3 = Agito Burning Form / Another Agito / Gills
HIBIKI X1 = Rider Eiki
THE NEXT X2 = Rider 1 / Shocker Rider
KIVA X1 = Rider Arc
DEN-O X1 = Goludora
W (Double) X1 = Accel Booster
OOO X2 = Shouta Combo / Putotera Combo
FOURZE X3 = Base State / Meteor / Cosmic State
W (Double) Secret X1 = NAZCA DOPANT

Release date is just right the corner, dun miss it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


HUMMER H1 is a new biweekly magazine by DeAgostini that just release a few days back. Featuring a step by step guide to building your very own KYOSHO brand Remote Control HUMMER H1 in 1/8 scale. Yes, after releasing a few other biweekly magazine, now we have a new publications on HUMMER H1.

As usual, the 1st issue will be at an introductory price of RM 9.90 each and subsequent issue will be at RM 29.90 each. As stated in the 1st issue of the magazine, the overall series will take 65 issue to complete the Hummer Remote Control model.

Subscriptions can be done at ALL SCRIPT office or via post / phone (form available in the magazine. Free gift that comes with the sub will be the Magazine Binder / Folder and also the REMOTE CONTROL for the HUMMER that cost about RM 200!!.

Free parts for the 1st issue include the Front Panel and one of the 4 wheels thingy.. :P. Dont miss it if you are a remote control fans or Hummer fans. Cheers


Monday, July 2, 2012

Lego Restock @ TRU

What do you do when you walk into TRU (Toys R'us) and then found lots of boxes and boxes of new toys near the staff counter? You jump for joy and call everybody you knew off to share your enjoyment that what. For me, a little xtra, photo of what has arrived. LEGO!!!

LEGO MAGNETS 3PACK featuring StarWars, DC Super Heroes, Ninjago, Harry Potter, Pharaoh,  Aliens Conquest, and many more! Price range Varies depending on Series.

Looks awesome, i think before this, TRU or retail store doesn't bring in any of these pack. They are only available in specialty store, price wise am not sure if its the same or otherwise.

LEGO Multi-pack featuring  Pharaoh's conquest, Pirates of Caribbean, Alien Conquest, CITY and many more in boxes which i didn't have the chance to snap photo.

This is the box that is interesting, HUGE! with lots of features, opening Roof, Hood, Door, Windows! Volkswagen WOW.. limited unit only found.With interior. Very nice and worth the $ spend.

Another masterpiece LEGO.. the DeathStar, now how often is it to find that in your local TRU! my 1st to touch it  lol :p, imagine the price of that Deathstar, probably over 1k$. The Shuttle from CITY is huge too. 

Last but not least, another Lego CITY set on Christmas Theme. Now is that a bit early on Christmas?, its only July. Anyway, looks great too in this set, lots of minifigures in it, just missing the Santa Clause. 

Well there u have it, massive restock on Lego at my local TRU, Cheers.


Thursday, June 28, 2012


So i was just passing by the local TRU and BAM!! Something very colorful that caught my attentions. The MIGHTY BEANZ has made a comeback and this time with series 4!, Yes series 2 and 3 elude our shore so now its 4. I believed its series 6 now in Australia.

This time, there are more choices to choose from, ranging from a 2pack, 3 pack and a 6pack. Also something new which is the Beanz MACHINEZ, these machinez have a Mighty Beanz in the drivers seat. Very interesting as when the machine is roll, the beanz tilt with it as well. There are 6 machine design to choose from and each design with 2 difference color and a limited edition beanz.

The Flip track is called the Snake track due to the snake head design and its glow in the dark, the Beanz included is a special edition Beanz not available in the 2, 3 and 6 pack.

The 2pack is worth mentioning here, 3 difference packaging design to choose from (hope lego minifigures packing will be something like this), i'm really liking it and from the pack i've got, its a Transparent (is this the so-called crystal beanz?) and a normal beanz.

More posting on the beanz coming soon. Mighty BEANZ, collect them all!. CHEERS.



TRANSFORMERS generation wave 1 has just hit the local market Toys R US. Collectors, hoarders and scalpers are in the race to buy them up in a heartbeat. Just 1 of them is the shortpacked, guess which one is it.

Wave 1 consists of SHOCKWAVE (Decepticon), JAZZ and PRIME (Autobot). Alternate mode for all 3 are pre-earth vehicle so expect some cybertronien design to them. Hurry up before all of them are gone.. well at least the short pack will be. Cheers. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fighter Aircraft Cover Preview # 2

Another sets of Cover photo for Fighter Aircraft Collections issue 13 - 18 for your enjoyment. So far, issue 2 has just release in the bookstore locally and its awesome.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lego Mini Figure - Series 7 (Haul)

At long last, series 7 arrived in April 2012, i was very very lucky to get this at the earliest possible moment when it was release. As i was looking forward is getting sets of this series 7 i manage to get an UNOPENED box for my pleasures. Here how it goes..

Official box, so it is 1 box per case, all these while i thought is 2 / 4 boxes per case.

1st time handling unopened boxes, hand and fingers all ready to feel those packets.

Inspecting and feeling the packets inside out.

Yeah, got complete sets LOL...

Sold the remaining set and xtra off to friends.... Now waiting for series 8

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fighter Aircraft Cover Preview #1

There's a new magazine collectible series release just recently and its called the "Fighter Aircraft collection". This series is release every fortnightly and comes with a free Exclusive die cast model of the Aircraft (1/72 or 1/100 scale) feature on the magazine. Here are the magazine cover photo for issue 1 to 12 for your references. More cover feature in future posting.