Monday, December 31, 2012


The annual Big Bad Wolf Book sales was on again earlier this month! I missed the previous sales so i made it a point to made it this time around. The event this time was held at the Mines Convention Centre (MIECC) on the 7th-23rd Dec 2012. The newspaper ads below :-

Prices are like what the ads shows 75-95% off and its really is a bargain to get hold of your favorites title, my preferences are mostly Graphic novel and trade paperback.

My total purchases during the event, it was an enjoyable experience to see so many and i mean tons and tons of books of various genre for all age group of readers. Truly, one day just wasn't enough to browse thru all the books there. Glad i made it this time around and hope to be there again next year. 

1. Curse of the Mutants - Mutants Vs Vampires ( At 1st glance, looks like Inferno? lol)
2. Secret Wars (Wanted to read this for ages! guess now is the best time to do so)

3. The New Avengers Vol.1 - Breakout (Now this is new to me, so i gave it a try, 
also because it by Bendis! on story and Finch! on arts.)
4. DareDevil - Guardian Devil ( Kevin Smith and Joe Quasada sold me, nuff said)

5. Ultimate X-MEN Vol 18-19 (The 2 lastest vol to my collections)
6. Ultimate Spiderman Vol 14-15 ( the missing vol. in my collections)

7. WOLVERINE - (Classic Wolvie 1st and with names like Claremont & Miller, can't pass this up in my Wolvie collections)
8. WOLVERINE ORIGINS : Savior (I don't follow this but again its Steve Dillon, i wanna see how he does the art for Wolvie. )

9. FLIGHT Vol:1 (A compilation series of short story by independent writer)
10. SKIM (A graphic novel by Mariko Tamaki )

11. Wolverine:Weapon X Vol2 - Insane in the Brain HC (I must be insane! LOL)
12. X-MEN Phoenix Rising HC 
(Classic return of Jean Grey! by Burne, Buscema and gang!)

13. TRANSFORMERS : Escalation (This is a surprise finds, its a continuations from TF: Infiltrations, heck now i have to find it.)

14. DAN BROWN - The Lost Symbol (Special edition ni!)

15. The Holy Bible - (The pictorials version, this is a huge book)

That it folks, hope i can get it all down before the next Book sales returns. Cheers

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