Sunday, January 30, 2011

TRANSFORMERS - Generation 1 Blaster

Transformers GENERATION 1 Blaster was recently re-issue as an Exclusives to Toys'R Us a few month back. What hold me back from getting it was the retail price which i think is far too expensive (MYR $230.00). First of all, large and fancy packaging is not needed and also what made thing worst is that the product pics wasn't shown. Not everybody know what a Blaster is in G1.

After taking off the 1st layer of packaging then only reveal what a Blaster looks like and both pics from front and back packaging are the same. I kinda like the recent series of Generation where the actual toys Pic are feature at the back of the packaging with its robot and alternate modes.

We finally see the actual product after flipping open the box cover which reveal the photo (left) and window showing Blaster (right).

On the left (photo of blaster in robot and alternate modes with its cassette counterparts in cassette and alternate mode. (Now i know why they are not feature at the back of the packaging. Blaster with Steeljaw, Ramhorn and Eject. Now where is Rewind?

And on the right side a window box showing the actual toys in robot modes and with its 3 cassette also in its alternate robot/animal mode. Again, no wonder the box is huge, blaster is package in its Robot modes unlike Soundwave which was package in its alternate mode.

We can see all the weapons, Cassette and Blaster neatly package together in the box and hoping that it not big to justified paying a high price for it. Overall a nice set to complete with Soundwave and other G1 characters coming in soon. Chhers.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

FIGMA : Kamen Rider Dragon Knight pt 2

Here are the next 4 Rider to be release under Figma's Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Cheers. Looks like more confirm news that the remaining Rider would made the series.

Kamen Rider Strike (Ohyja)

Kamen Rider Sting (Raia)

Kamen Rider Thrust (Gai)

Kamen Rider Siren (Femme)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

FIGMA : Kamen Rider Dragon Knight pt 1

As some of you know, Kamen Rider RYUKI was being Americanize and will be known as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. A show that was aired in Japan in 2003 has now been showing in 2009 in the West. And with it comes a new toy line franchise for this series by FIGMA.

Figma is something like Revoltech and SHFiguarts figure with poseable joints and are in around 4-5 inch tall and comes with base and accessories. This post will reveal the first 4 rider from the show, rumours has it that all rider will be release but i'll wait n see.





Be@rBrick : Series 21 - All Secret Reveal

Its was finally reveal and found by collector all over the world the secret bear for series 21. A total of 8 secret bear for this series. For those not in the known, secret bear are those random inserted bears not shown on the packaging and in only in short productions.

Secret # 1 - BLACK RAIN MUSIC - ratio of 1/196 - Found in Carton 'A'

Secret # 2 - MARK WADE - ratio of 1/196 - Found in Carton 'B'

Secret # 3 - RUBBER - ratio of 1/96

Secret # 4 - BARBIE (cute) - ratio of 1/48

Secret # 5 - TWIN PEAKS - Dale Cooper (Horror)- ratio of 1/48

Secret # 6 - SUPERMAN (HERO) - ratio of 1/48

Secret # 7 - KAREL CAPEK- Cotty the ladybird (Animal) - ratio of 1/24

For some reason, the Artists HOLIDAY is consider as a secret with the ratio of 1/96 but its shown in the packaging. So for me its not really consider a secret, as a secret is those not shown in packaging. Only 7 secret in series 21. Good luck.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Ryuki Survive Rider Masked Collections

Finally, finally!!! i got my hand on the very last piece of Rider Masked Collection for the RYUKI series. Now i can boldly says that i've completed all 16 pcs rider from the Kamen Rider Ryuki series aka Kamen Rider Dragon Knight as it is known to the west. My last piece happens to be Kamen Rider Ryuki SURVIVE form from series 7.

Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive is one of the hardest Rider masked for series 7 to be release. My initial 3 cases didn't have it so i resort to the last possible way to get it. Thru EvilBay, luckily found one at decent price plus shipping and the rest is history.

The Ryuki Survive Masked is very well done, the color gold is spray / painted evenly and without smear or leak. The sculpt is marvelous and true to it form and accurately detail. Had a hard time putting it together at 1st but once you got it, it looks awesome. Simply one of the best release.

With the completion of Kamen Rider Ryuki series, now looking forward to complete KR Kabuto, KR Faiz and KR Blade series.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Amcorp PJ Flea Market - 09th Jan 2011

Hi all local visitor, i'll be having a sales at Amcorp Mall PJ's FLEA MARKET on 09th Jan 2011 with some friends of mine. Do drop in and have a look, who know u might find something u r looking for.

Item of interests would be like...

Diecast cars - 1/64 to 1/18 of various brand
Transformers - loose / BIB etc..
Actions figures from DC and Marvel
GUNDAM and Masked riders
McFarlane 3D posters and others
and little of this and that and everything...

Cheers.. and c ya.