Saturday, March 26, 2011

Haul of the Month (March 2011)

Blame it all on Mattel for having a warehouse sale at the most desirable time and i like it. After not having bought anything figuring related for some time, the sales come at the right time. On the 1st day, lots of stuff was snap up FAST! and i mean FAST like Flash. DC Universe 6 inch figure was limited quantity and in just (dare i say it) less then 30min after the sale starts. Others like Hot wheels, Toys Story3, Pixal cars, Barbie also going strong and were snap up fast too.

Here are some of the stuff i manage to grab there which is not diecast hot wheels related which i be featuring in my other blogs. Will go in depth of the figures in my future posts. Cheers.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Breakfast @ Mcdonalds

Free meal from Mcdonalds Malaysia!, Yes, u read it right. Just print out this coupon below and bring it over to your nearest McDonalds Restaurant (In Malaysia that serve Breakfast set) to redeem 2 (TWO) Breakfast set when u purchase a mininum of Rm5 there. Simple right, so go straight ahead and spread the words. Offer valid till 31st March 2011 and from 4AM-11AM only. Only valid for 1 coupon per customers per order. Sorry mcDelivery is not available for this promo

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mini Gundam Figure

Found some of my old collections during house clean-up, got them some few years back from Toys R Us. They are the Gundam Mini Figurines that come in blink packaging and come with a suger candy. Each pack some with a catalogue for the series, a circular base and Mobile suit from various Gundam series. Some assembly is needed for some but not all.

These figurines come in silver painted finished and very nicely in detail, given the fact that they are very very small in size which is approximately around 6cm average in height. With blind packaging, there are secret or chase version in each series where the Gundam pieces in painted in either blue or red in color instead of silver, never did find any of those.

Some of my favorites are the Gundam itself and the GP03 DENDROBIUM are my all time favourites as it was consider one of the rare pieces in the series.

I think now they are no longer in release as i know that time TRU only sold 2 series and that about it. Now to look back, they do look awesome for their sizes.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lego Mini Figure - Series 4 (Annouced)

Lego series 4 is schedule to release in mid 2011 with 16 new mini figures with theme from sport to music, from city to monster, from fantasy to many more. Keep an eye out for them soon.

Packaging for series 4 will be in orange color as shown above and from the looks of it, those that i wanted will be the common pieces in the assortment, yeah. :)

Figure line up for series 4 will be as above and am looking forwards to them. I got 6-8 pieces that i be interested in getting and hope will be able to get them when they release.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lego Mini Figure - Series 1

Stumble upon a shop that have series 1 Lego Mini figures (loose). Without a 2nd thought, buy them up. Only 2 they have left so just bought them. Anybody got series 1 Zombie extra, do drop me a line, thanks in advance

Series 1 comes in Yellow packaging

Series 1 catalogue that came with each pack

The only 2 that was available for purchase in Series 1. The Caveman and Crash test dummy. Still looking and wanting a Zombies.


New 天下無雙 "TinHa MoShion" Sword

Yes, found this piece unexpectedly in my weekly toys sightseeing. This is the 5.5 inch version of the new 天下無雙 "TinHa MoShion" Sword that was release few years back together with a Graphic novel or comics (can't remember, too long liow). Excellent additions to my 5.5inch collections.

Front packaging. Don't know why the box is so big when its only 1 sword inside.

Back packaging showing "Khim Seng" Sword Saint both old and young and also Wind and Cloud on both sides. The arts not to my liking, dunno who is the artists doing it.

Open pics showing the 天下無雙 sword. Sword hilt in Red color and gold at guard area, the blade in matte gray with red lining.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

FIGMA : Kamen Rider Dragon Knight pt 3

Figma is grearing up to release the remaining Kamen Rider Dragon Knight series and here is 4 more line up for the series. Enjoy.

Kamen Rider Cameo (Verde)

Kamen Rider AXE (Taiga)

Kamen Rider Spear (Imperer)

Kamen Rider ONXY (RYUGA)

Just a few more releases then fans can have all the characters from Dragon Knight series. Keep it up Figma.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lego Mini Figure - Series 3

Yes folks, great news for Lego and non Lego fans a like. Series 3 of the popular Lego Mini Figures are out now at Toys R' us and is selling for RM9.90. Same price as series 1 but with series 2, it was price at 12.90!. Series 3 spot a lime green color packaging.

With an ALL NEW 16 character to choost from and buy. Luckily manage to get what i wanted in series 3 but have to wait n see if there still be other that i might get. Both Samurai and eLF have elude me far too long and hope will find it.

In the packaging include a mini poster catalogue to keep track of what available

Score 2 out of 3, will prob go again and see what leftover. Cheers

Be@rBrick : Series 22 Annouced

This just release recently, the official license property that BearBrick series 22 will be releasing. They are.....

Cars 2
Green Lantern
Pirates of Caribbean 4 
B?RS Project
TV Tokyo – Pirameki

Stay tune for more news updates once it is release. Cheers..



Series 10 of Rider Masked Collections has been announced and is set to release in august 2011. Prototype photo has been reveal and only 13 head is being shown as seen below.

Top row - Left to Right

- Kamen Rider G Den-O (Den-O Trilogy Movie - Episode Yellow)
- Kamen Rider Saiga
- Kamen Rider Trial
- The Great Leader "大首領" (Villain in Kamen Rider Stronger)
- Kamen Rider G4
- Kamen Rider Nishiki ( Kamen Ride Hibiki Movie)
- Kamen Rider DIEND (Final Form)

Bottom row - Left to Right

- Kamen Rider Abyss (From Decade series in Ryuki's World)
- Kamen Rider Drake (Masked Form)
- Kamen Rider OOO ( RATAROTA Combo)
- Kamen Rider OOO (TATOBA Combo)
- Kamen Rider Blade (King Form)
- Kamen Rider Wild Chalice

There you have it, the line up for Volumn 10, there is still a #14 which has not be reveal yet and also the secret for this volumn.  As for me. it was a dream came true when i saw Abyss in the photo, now the Ryuki Series Character is truly complete. Thanks Bandai.