Friday, March 18, 2011

Mini Gundam Figure

Found some of my old collections during house clean-up, got them some few years back from Toys R Us. They are the Gundam Mini Figurines that come in blink packaging and come with a suger candy. Each pack some with a catalogue for the series, a circular base and Mobile suit from various Gundam series. Some assembly is needed for some but not all.

These figurines come in silver painted finished and very nicely in detail, given the fact that they are very very small in size which is approximately around 6cm average in height. With blind packaging, there are secret or chase version in each series where the Gundam pieces in painted in either blue or red in color instead of silver, never did find any of those.

Some of my favorites are the Gundam itself and the GP03 DENDROBIUM are my all time favourites as it was consider one of the rare pieces in the series.

I think now they are no longer in release as i know that time TRU only sold 2 series and that about it. Now to look back, they do look awesome for their sizes.


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  1. Hello. I found these minis on another site, but can't find any information on them. Can you tell me who made them? I think they're from around 2008, but not 100% sure.

    I paint 25mm scale minis and have a friend who is a gundam fan and these looked appropriate in scale. I was trying to track down where to egt any of these, but there's so much Gundam stuff out there it's hard to refine the search.

    Thanks for posting these, the other site I found only showed two, but the detail was fantastic.