Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lego Mini Figure - Series 3

Yes folks, great news for Lego and non Lego fans a like. Series 3 of the popular Lego Mini Figures are out now at Toys R' us and is selling for RM9.90. Same price as series 1 but with series 2, it was price at 12.90!. Series 3 spot a lime green color packaging.

With an ALL NEW 16 character to choost from and buy. Luckily manage to get what i wanted in series 3 but have to wait n see if there still be other that i might get. Both Samurai and eLF have elude me far too long and hope will find it.

In the packaging include a mini poster catalogue to keep track of what available

Score 2 out of 3, will prob go again and see what leftover. Cheers

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