Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mc'Donalds' Happy Meal - 2008 MADAGASCAR 2

McDONALD'S HAPPY MEAL TOYS - MADAGASCAR 2[Promotion period - 6th Nov 2008 - 03rd Dec 2008]

In conjunction with the release of the Movie MADAGASCAR 2: Escape to AFRICA in the cinema by Dreamworks, Mcdonalds has in its promotion offers toys featuring 8 of the characters in the movie. Each of the each character will have a voice chip that when "SHAKE", phases by that particular character will be sound aloud. When i says "SHAKE" the toys need to be shaken or move (in any direction continueously) in order for the sound mechanism to work.

Below is the promotion poster for the toys.

As shown in the poster the characters appears in this movie are Alex (Lion), Gloria (Hippo), Melman (Giraffe), Marty (Zebra), Julian (i forgot what its called- Merkett), Skipper (Penguin), Mason (Monkey) and a new character named Moto Moto (Male Hippo).

Keep in mind that this time, the toys are kinda STATIC with no movement or rather no articulation movement in any part. Just kinda like a statue with sounds.

Phases for each of the character varies, with some having as many as 3 phases and some with only 2 phases. Listed out below are the phases those character made.

  1. Alex = "You got it", "Let's go wild" & "I'm Alex, the Alex"
  2. Marty = "You guys are crazy" & " I'll like the ... " (I heard "boil" dunno bout u guys)
  3. Mason = "AHA", "Checkmate" & "Africa"
  4. Melman = "What we gonna do?", "Ow ow ow!"& "think you really need a Doctor"
  5. Moto moto = "WIILLDDD" & " I know i'm everbody dream" (i dont know if i heard it correctly)
  6. Gloria = "Let's go" , " I know, that right" & "All ready boys"
  7. Julien = " I like to movin movin x3 " (Its the song actually with music)
  8. Skipper = "Just smiling away boys" & " Progress report"

Overall a nice set to get, but because of no moving parts, its not gonna go well with kids. Cheers.