Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lego Mini Figure - Series 5 (Haul)

Lego MiniFIgures series 5 came last October!! DARN i totally missed posting this till now. Well here my haul for series 5, Enjoy... manage to get the complete set for friends and myself. Series 6 n 7 is coming soon.. cheers.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Be@rBrick : Series 24 Reveal

The stage is set, lights and sounds check is OK, Curtains are rise and now, we presents you series 24 of Be@rbrick from Medicom.

Top Row (Left to Right) : -
Basic - Chrome Green
JellyBean -  RootBEER Brown.( sure looks like that)
Pattern - Gossip Girls
Flag - Bhutan

Middle Row (Left to Right) : -
Horror / Animal / Cute -  ??
Animal / Cute - Snoopy (Peanuts)
Animal / Cute - Felix the Cat
Scifi - Dark Knight Rises

Bottom Row (Left to Right) : -
Cute ?? - Madoka Magica
Artist 1 - ??
Artist 2 - ??
Have my eyes sets on those middle rows Bears! Snoopy, Felix and DarKnight. I want them now! lol. Gossip Girl seem to be in the Pattern Category, i should be getting that Bhutan Flag bear since i like dragons. Should i be getting a case or not, that is the questions.?


Comics for the Holiday

Some reading material for the holidays, good price, good book and good bargain thanks to BookXess. Guess i better get started before the holiday is over. :P

Really gonna enjoy all of them.. cheers.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Be@rbrick @ Tokyo Sky Tree Town

Some very very interesting Be@rbrick will be coming out in conjunction with the opening of Medicom Toy Flagship at Tokyo Sky Tree Town on the 22nd MAY 2012. These Bear will be available in 100% and some in 400% as well.  What i can said of these Bear is that they are a theme for Japanese culture, legend and folklore related.

Let introduce the Bears...
A : BearBrick DARUMA (A Daruma Doll which resemble the Bodhidharma)

B : BearBrick KABUKI (A Japanese Acting / Dance / Drama)  

C : BearBrick KOKEBRICK (A Japanese Wooden Doll - Kokeshi)  


E : BearBrick MANEKINEKO (A Fortune / Lucky Cat (Neko))  


 That is everybody, 22nd May is the date to mark down for these awesome Bear. Cheers


Monday, May 14, 2012

Be@rBrick : Series 24 Announced

Yes, it is the time again for a new release for Be@rBrick series from Medicom. Without further ado... i know i'm late once again (3 MONTHS LATE!) but this coming series really have some very good licensing. Here it is.. 

Coming in series 24, we have the...

Gossip Girl (TV Series)
Batman:The Dark Knight Rises
Felix the cat
Madoka Magica