Monday, May 28, 2012

Be@rBrick : Series 24 Reveal

The stage is set, lights and sounds check is OK, Curtains are rise and now, we presents you series 24 of Be@rbrick from Medicom.

Top Row (Left to Right) : -
Basic - Chrome Green
JellyBean -  RootBEER Brown.( sure looks like that)
Pattern - Gossip Girls
Flag - Bhutan

Middle Row (Left to Right) : -
Horror / Animal / Cute -  ??
Animal / Cute - Snoopy (Peanuts)
Animal / Cute - Felix the Cat
Scifi - Dark Knight Rises

Bottom Row (Left to Right) : -
Cute ?? - Madoka Magica
Artist 1 - ??
Artist 2 - ??
Have my eyes sets on those middle rows Bears! Snoopy, Felix and DarKnight. I want them now! lol. Gossip Girl seem to be in the Pattern Category, i should be getting that Bhutan Flag bear since i like dragons. Should i be getting a case or not, that is the questions.?


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