Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gokaiger Ranger Keys - Part 1

Bandai Celebrating its Super Sentai 35TH Anniversary with its Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger series, now releasing Gashapon RANGER KEY series 1 in Jaya Jusco and selected Toys' r Us store nationwide. Each is 200 yen (RM 8) for a Capsule (Gasha) featuring 16 Sentai Character.

The capsule in multicolor of Blue, Red, Yellow and green

Feature Ranger in series 1 is 

#  1 - 5 : Gokai Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink
#  6 -10 : Bouken Red, Magi Red, Deka Red, Aba Red, Gao Red
#11 -16: Go Red, Ginga Red, Ryu Ranger, Five Red, Mask Red and Goggle Red.

The packaging, each capsule comes with a sticker sheet and a 3 part Ranger Key, namely the Head, Body and leg. Minor assemble and sticker applying is needed.

more to come soon...


Monday, May 30, 2011

FIGMA : Kamen Rider Dragon Knight pt 4

The release continue with part 4 of FIGMA's Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

Kamen Rider WRATH (ODIN)

Also Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Blank Form stated to be release in May 2011

Well, it is almost done, all the character has been announced and will be release, just a few more and its a wrap by Figma.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bandai - Super Henshin MoriBakuru 1

Before there was MoriBakuru 2, there was Moribakuru 1, link to Series 2.

This series 1 comes with the first 6 design and each design like in series 2 also comes with 4 color each namely, Blue, Yellow, White and Black.

The 6 design are.. Dog, Tiger, Shark, Fish, Horse, Bird and Deer, great for learning kanji and fun to transform.

Series 3 will be release soon..

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Full color feature of Vol 10 has been release together with the packaging box. Looking very very good i must say, another must have all series this is for me as well. The 1 head that was not shown in my previous posting and is now appear here is KR Garren (Jack form).

Some limited online web exclusive head shown above is the 5 piece set Shocker Rider head, each with difference color scarf. (Previously a yellow scarf Shocker head secret in vol 7). Also is the 3 head exclusive release for old metal hero head like Kikaider, Hakaider and etc.


Storm Rider # 600th + 大劫刀

The 5 Inch Limited edition Weapon sword letter opening is here again. Celebrating issue 600th Anniversary of the Storm Riders Comics or AKA Tian Xia / Tin Ha / Pedang Setiawan, come a new Story Arc and a new sword by the name "大劫刀" ( Big Slice / Chop Knife).

The comics cover feature Dotted image when see upclose, nicely done

The sword on a sword stand (not included with the comics)

The sword packing is now change from carded folded box to plastic casing

Androids - Mini Collectible 2

Android the official Mascot for mobile phone application of the same name release series 2 of its Android mini collectible. An additional of 15 new design by popular designer but only 11 are regular and 4 are secret which only available 1 secret to a case of 16 blind boxes. They are 3 inch in height each and at 1.5 inch diameter.

Blind boxes are seal and with foil wrapper in side, so even if you peek open the boxes, you still wont know which design you will have. Since all are the same shape and made, weight guessing on selected design also are impossible.

Each box cames with a collector checklist sheet that highlight all the available design and secret (which still remain secret). I've only got the Iceberg, Neon green and ....

One of the feature of the Android is that its movable on both hands, the head and also the head can be taken off to reveal empty compartment to put in small items. In my case, i put in the checklist sheet in it.

Thanks my lucky stars that i also manage to get a Secret Android name Chocolate Cupcake on my 4th purchase. This secret is related to the regular release called the Cupcake (Vanilla) because both of these cupcake has got Smells of Vanilla and Chocolate respectively. Awesome and since they are seal wrap in foil, there no way to smell them out too.

So go try them out and good luck.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Coca-Cola Glass at McDonalds

Limited Editions Coca-Cola glasses return to McDonalds again and this time its a new design. Coca-Cola CAN glasses with 6 color will be available in 28th APRIL and will runs for 6 weeks (1 color each weeks). Buy a Coca-Cola set meals and the Can Glasses will be yours free. Hurry while stocks last (usually they are gone by the 2nd to 4th day)

Promo leaflet front

Promo leaflet back

A Promotion by McDonald that runs in FACEBOOK a week before the release of the Limited Edition Coca-Cola Can glasses that gives away a complete set of 6 glasses to Fan that like McD's Facebook face. I was 1 of the lucky thousands to got them but it only available to redeem since last week. Here are the pics to them and a special limited Editions paper bag. cheers

Complete set of Coca-Cola Can Glasses.. Awesome.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

RIO at Mcdonalds

When the movie hits cinema so does the toys from McDonald's that come free with each Happy Meal while stocks last.

7 Character chosen for this set but i miss out on JEWEL, darnnit. Each comes bags just like a regular Happy Meal toys and the character has a feature / gimmick of if own .

Blu - Music Sound and On rolling skateboard
Pedro - Spinning (stand on its wings and spins)
Rafael - Flapping wings
Nico -Spinning Frisbee (the green thingy spins)
Nigel - Moving wings and head when body push down
Mauro - Light on when tail is pulled.

My open bags of RIO McDonald's toy, all nicely put together, just need that Jewel to complete the set. Its a very colorful set when put together, cheers.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Cat of the day

This is kitten from Kuala Kangsar, all nicely cuddle up near a restaurant.

Sleeping with a pose

Enjoy ...............

MEDICOM BEARBRICK Series 22 - Reveal

The time is near for the release of series 22 which will be around end of June 2011 or early July 2011. Wonderful and colorful Bear Brick of this series has been release and they are shown below... enjoy the pics...

Top Row (Left to Right) : -
Basic - Chrome Gold with New Fonts
JellyBEAN - A lighter tone of the multicolor part bear
Pattern - From the game "UNO"
Flag - Jamaica
Horror - Pirates of the Carribean

Bottom Row (Left to Right) : -
Scifi -Brs Project (Black Rock Shooter)
Cute -  Disney Pixar's CARS 2
Animal - TV Tokyo - PIRAMEKI (children show)
Heroes - DC's Green Lantern
Artist 1 - ???
Artist 2 - ???

Waiting got Artist to reveal.. until then.. cheers always.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Lego Mini Figure - Series 4 (Haul)


Yes everybody, Lego Mini Figure series 4 has landed at Toys R' Us locally and you might want to go check them out now. Price at RM 9.90 each and they won't stay long at the counter. Grabs yours now right away. Most popular are the Scientist, Viking, Musketeer and Hazard guy.

Lego Mini Figure series 4 Box case and single pack are feature in Orange and its nice. Nothing difference from others series besides the color and photo. Some of the pack didn't even have Embossed dot to them but then again, if there is, those cheat code found only can't be use as its not US release market.

As usual, the series catalog came pack in each packing and showcase the 16 figures that comes in this series and with its accessories.

After few hours of driving around difference Toys R US and pressing pressing, those below is what i got so far... now i only need a Viking, Ware-wolves and Ice Hockey player to complete my wants for this series. Each figures is distinguishes to its own, like Scientist had a rubber hair, kimono gals had printed flower on its hair, hazard guy got huge headpiece and many others.