Friday, May 6, 2011

Lego Mini Figure - Series 4 (Haul)


Yes everybody, Lego Mini Figure series 4 has landed at Toys R' Us locally and you might want to go check them out now. Price at RM 9.90 each and they won't stay long at the counter. Grabs yours now right away. Most popular are the Scientist, Viking, Musketeer and Hazard guy.

Lego Mini Figure series 4 Box case and single pack are feature in Orange and its nice. Nothing difference from others series besides the color and photo. Some of the pack didn't even have Embossed dot to them but then again, if there is, those cheat code found only can't be use as its not US release market.

As usual, the series catalog came pack in each packing and showcase the 16 figures that comes in this series and with its accessories.

After few hours of driving around difference Toys R US and pressing pressing, those below is what i got so far... now i only need a Viking, Ware-wolves and Ice Hockey player to complete my wants for this series. Each figures is distinguishes to its own, like Scientist had a rubber hair, kimono gals had printed flower on its hair, hazard guy got huge headpiece and many others.


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