Monday, May 9, 2011

MEDICOM BEARBRICK Series 22 - Reveal

The time is near for the release of series 22 which will be around end of June 2011 or early July 2011. Wonderful and colorful Bear Brick of this series has been release and they are shown below... enjoy the pics...

Top Row (Left to Right) : -
Basic - Chrome Gold with New Fonts
JellyBEAN - A lighter tone of the multicolor part bear
Pattern - From the game "UNO"
Flag - Jamaica
Horror - Pirates of the Carribean

Bottom Row (Left to Right) : -
Scifi -Brs Project (Black Rock Shooter)
Cute -  Disney Pixar's CARS 2
Animal - TV Tokyo - PIRAMEKI (children show)
Heroes - DC's Green Lantern
Artist 1 - ???
Artist 2 - ???

Waiting got Artist to reveal.. until then.. cheers always.


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