Thursday, May 19, 2011

RIO at Mcdonalds

When the movie hits cinema so does the toys from McDonald's that come free with each Happy Meal while stocks last.

7 Character chosen for this set but i miss out on JEWEL, darnnit. Each comes bags just like a regular Happy Meal toys and the character has a feature / gimmick of if own .

Blu - Music Sound and On rolling skateboard
Pedro - Spinning (stand on its wings and spins)
Rafael - Flapping wings
Nico -Spinning Frisbee (the green thingy spins)
Nigel - Moving wings and head when body push down
Mauro - Light on when tail is pulled.

My open bags of RIO McDonald's toy, all nicely put together, just need that Jewel to complete the set. Its a very colorful set when put together, cheers.


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  1. Pls, is somebody can tell what is the music of rafael toy ???