Saturday, May 28, 2011

Androids - Mini Collectible 2

Android the official Mascot for mobile phone application of the same name release series 2 of its Android mini collectible. An additional of 15 new design by popular designer but only 11 are regular and 4 are secret which only available 1 secret to a case of 16 blind boxes. They are 3 inch in height each and at 1.5 inch diameter.

Blind boxes are seal and with foil wrapper in side, so even if you peek open the boxes, you still wont know which design you will have. Since all are the same shape and made, weight guessing on selected design also are impossible.

Each box cames with a collector checklist sheet that highlight all the available design and secret (which still remain secret). I've only got the Iceberg, Neon green and ....

One of the feature of the Android is that its movable on both hands, the head and also the head can be taken off to reveal empty compartment to put in small items. In my case, i put in the checklist sheet in it.

Thanks my lucky stars that i also manage to get a Secret Android name Chocolate Cupcake on my 4th purchase. This secret is related to the regular release called the Cupcake (Vanilla) because both of these cupcake has got Smells of Vanilla and Chocolate respectively. Awesome and since they are seal wrap in foil, there no way to smell them out too.

So go try them out and good luck.


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