Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rider Masked Collections : Vol. 7 (Haul)

Finally series 7 arrived in local market and i got my hand on a few boxes. Chances of getting a complete set with secret is pretty high if i get the correct assortment case.
Bright color boxes for this series is striking. Design is same as with other series, character assortment on both sides of the boxes.
After opening all the boxes (3 boxes), am no closer to completing the whole series. Only left 1 head to complete the series. Lucky to have assortment from difference case.

Kamen Rider Ichigo. Kamen Rider Niigo Kamen Rider Shocker (Secret)

Kamen Rider Ryuga
Kamen Rider Shuki
Kamen Rider Diend
Kamen Rider Gills
Kamen Rider Imperer

Kamen Rider W (Cyclone/Joker)
Kamen Rider Sky
Kamen Rider Hatabaki
Kamen Rider Den-O (Climax form)



Saturday, April 24, 2010

G.I.JOE - Cards

G.I.JOE!, got these cards as a freebies from frens buying Joe stuff previously. There are 2 sets, a JOE team and a Cobra team card set. Each set freature characters based on the Movie with info, bio data and stat. 8 pieces card to a set.

Only have Joe set which feature character like DUKE, HAWK, SNAKE EYES, SCARLETT, RIPCORD, HEAVY DUTY & BREAKER.


Rider Masked Collections : RYUKI (Part 2)

KAMEN RIDER ZOLDA - Series 2 #07

KAMEN RIDER FEMME - Series 3 #06

KAMEN RIDER VERDE - Series 3 #07

KAMEN RIDER ODIN - Series 3 #08