Monday, April 13, 2009

StormRiders Collection - 5.5INCH Sword

This is my mini Sword Collections from the famous Hong Kong comics book series title THE STORMRIDERS (aka TIAN XIA, FUNG WAN, PEDANG SETIAWAN). Started collecting these 5.5 inch sword series since its was 1st release way way back in the late 90's. The sword comes with the bi-weekly special edition comics book. The regular editions feature a difference covers and do not comes with the sword. Each of these sword was feature in the comics book and each has its own story.

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After the initial 12 pc was release, no new swords were release until several years later, the sword series return back with 3 new sword. After that with the current storyline, a new sword was release which is the "Demonic Sword".

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Some of the most popular sword are the one use by the main character heroes and villains such as the "Snow Blizzard Sabre", "Hero Sword", "Demonic Sword", "Evil King Sabre" and many others. English translation name may differ from the actual Chinese name given and i'll feature each of the Sword in future posting with more in-depth photo and variation as well as the story behind the sword.