Thursday, June 28, 2012


So i was just passing by the local TRU and BAM!! Something very colorful that caught my attentions. The MIGHTY BEANZ has made a comeback and this time with series 4!, Yes series 2 and 3 elude our shore so now its 4. I believed its series 6 now in Australia.

This time, there are more choices to choose from, ranging from a 2pack, 3 pack and a 6pack. Also something new which is the Beanz MACHINEZ, these machinez have a Mighty Beanz in the drivers seat. Very interesting as when the machine is roll, the beanz tilt with it as well. There are 6 machine design to choose from and each design with 2 difference color and a limited edition beanz.

The Flip track is called the Snake track due to the snake head design and its glow in the dark, the Beanz included is a special edition Beanz not available in the 2, 3 and 6 pack.

The 2pack is worth mentioning here, 3 difference packaging design to choose from (hope lego minifigures packing will be something like this), i'm really liking it and from the pack i've got, its a Transparent (is this the so-called crystal beanz?) and a normal beanz.

More posting on the beanz coming soon. Mighty BEANZ, collect them all!. CHEERS.



TRANSFORMERS generation wave 1 has just hit the local market Toys R US. Collectors, hoarders and scalpers are in the race to buy them up in a heartbeat. Just 1 of them is the shortpacked, guess which one is it.

Wave 1 consists of SHOCKWAVE (Decepticon), JAZZ and PRIME (Autobot). Alternate mode for all 3 are pre-earth vehicle so expect some cybertronien design to them. Hurry up before all of them are gone.. well at least the short pack will be. Cheers. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fighter Aircraft Cover Preview # 2

Another sets of Cover photo for Fighter Aircraft Collections issue 13 - 18 for your enjoyment. So far, issue 2 has just release in the bookstore locally and its awesome.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lego Mini Figure - Series 7 (Haul)

At long last, series 7 arrived in April 2012, i was very very lucky to get this at the earliest possible moment when it was release. As i was looking forward is getting sets of this series 7 i manage to get an UNOPENED box for my pleasures. Here how it goes..

Official box, so it is 1 box per case, all these while i thought is 2 / 4 boxes per case.

1st time handling unopened boxes, hand and fingers all ready to feel those packets.

Inspecting and feeling the packets inside out.

Yeah, got complete sets LOL...

Sold the remaining set and xtra off to friends.... Now waiting for series 8

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fighter Aircraft Cover Preview #1

There's a new magazine collectible series release just recently and its called the "Fighter Aircraft collection". This series is release every fortnightly and comes with a free Exclusive die cast model of the Aircraft (1/72 or 1/100 scale) feature on the magazine. Here are the magazine cover photo for issue 1 to 12 for your references. More cover feature in future posting.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fighter Aircraft Collection # 1

This is NEW!! or rather new to local market in all major bookstore nationwide. A new magazine series featuring Planes of all ages and comes with a free Die cast plane model with every fortnightly release. 

FIGHTER AIRCRAFT Collection has made its way to all leading bookstore outlet as well as newsagent all over the country.  1st issue is at a promotional price of rm 9.90 featuring the all famous "SpitFire", 2nd issue at discounted price of rm19.90 featuring the "Messerschmitt BF109" and 3rd issue will feature the "P-51 Mustang" and will be price at rm 29.90 and from here on each subsequent issue will be price at rm 29.90 each. 

The magazine is like a giant Encyclopedia of famous real-life aircraft, its history, the pilot, technical specification and other information related to the aircraft. All those info are fitted into 12 awesome pages of the collections magazine.

The die-cast model of the Aircraft is amazingly detail but one have to choose for a better paint job. The model comes with a stand and if there a subscriptions to this series, a collector will also get 4 more EXCLUSIVE Bomber aircraft not available at bookstore and binders for the magazine.

Don't waste time, subscribe the series as its really worth the $ spend and the model is simply amazing. Can't wait to get issue 2 and so on.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lego Mini Figure - Series 6 (Haul)

Lego MiniFigures Series 6 Arrived in Jan 2012, such an awesome series this is, gotta catch them all!! Stumble upon them at my local Toys R us store by accident. Didn't manage to get a complete set then, as all the Roman Soldier and Minator was all gone. As week pass and with new restock, finally got me a complete sets. Looking forwards to series 7.