Thursday, July 29, 2010

Transformers - OK?? KO??

When i see these being release, am thinking to myself.. OMG!! the names!. Yes, they are called DISTORTION ANDROID and for those whom know what is it at a glance its DEVASTATOR from the movie TRANSFORMERS : The return of the Fallen.

This set of KO (Knock off) Devastator set is exactly like the original release, good quality plastic with almost similar paint job detail. Selling in set of 9, when you only need 7 to combined and form Devastator and the 2 extra is just extra.

As you can see from the packaging, there is no instruction manual included, just photo of what it will become. Straightly not for them whom do not know anything about The Transformers.

It is available for sale and cost RM45 a set of 9 pieces as shown above, to those that is interested can let me know by leaving your contact in the comment. Sorry no postage as the card back is HUGE! Cheers

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Be@rbrick : For sale

Yup, am selling some to funds for my incoming stuff.. have a look n leave me a message. Thanks. Contact me via email at for inquiry.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Haul - BearBrick S20

Times sure flies when you are having fun, just a year ago i started with series 18 and now its the 20th release of Medicom's Bearbrick series. With this series, comes something new to the Bearbrick world, a walking Bearbrick and also a secret Bear bearing the 20th release logo. ( see previous post).

Series 20 packaging is slightly taller then the average series as the Basic Walking bear do not sit in the packaging but standing up hence the tall packaging.

Side view of the case packaging with all the bears in the series (minus the secret hidden bear). All the best to all that buying the blind packaging or by case. As for me below is what in my case.

Basic (White- @), Jellybean (Rainbow), Flag (South Africa) & Pattern (SSUR)

Horror (Captian Action), Sci-fi (Ironman 2-mark iv), Cute (ToyStory 3) & Animal (Gremlins)

Artist Bear - Krooked, Hidden Bear - Dr.Eville, Momotaros Imagin, War Machine & MOMO

Pretty good set, lucky manage to complete a set of 8 as only 1 pcs of Ironman and War Machine in it. Good luck.


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sneak peeks, 1st looks from the upcoming movie THOR!.

Want to see what some live-action hammer time will look like? Then check out marvel first image of Thor, Odin and Loki in the upcoming film. Starring Chris Hemsworth at Thor, Anthony Hopkins at Odin, and Tom Hiddleston as Loki, the movie is due out May 6, 2011.


Monday, July 12, 2010


After the classic / universe series came to a halt to made way for TF:ROTF, Hasbro now return with some brand new releases this month. Hot on the pegs are the Decepticon Seekers named THRUST. THRUST was previously release by TAKARA TOMY as an Exclusive together with Dirge but now Hasbro has manage to release it as a REGULAR. Does this mean we get to have Dirge out as well sometimes in the future? Those that got the Tomy Takara Exclusive release and pay Exclusive price is gonna be pissed.

Front packaging

Back packaging

Open packaging with manual. Am really liking the color scheme for Thrust, its like a metallic maroon color plus dark gray contrast. Yellow cockpit window and with Chrome Interior.

Plane Mode with removable accessories

Plane Mode 1 : Missile front and Turbine back

Plane Mode 2: Missile back and turbine top front

Plane Mode 3: Missile front bottom and turbine front top.
There so many possible placement of the missile and turbine that one can customised .

Robot mode in actions, articulation on the shoulder made it possible to pose various angle. Hips and knees joint made some posing possible like kneeling and others.

Back of robot mode, nicely done, again the turbine can be fitted to various location at top or bottom of the wing.

Robot mode with detachable missile and turbine.

Rider Masked Collections : Vol. 9 (Announce)

GOLLY GOLLY JOY!!.. Vol : 9 official announcement and is slated to release in DECEMBER 2010. This vol will complete Rider 555 (Fiaz) series. Things is moving pretty fast, only in April saw the release of Vol.7 and Vol.8 will be releasing in Aug and now Vol.9 is announce. Looks to be an awesome Vol this is as with vol 8.

Another vol with 14 rider + 1 secret to be reveal! This vol will gonna have the following listed below from left to right, top to bottom row: -

(Open Cross Horn)
















Sunday, July 11, 2010

WITCHBLADE....The Cards..

Comics Trading Card was the norm during the 80's and 90's then came C.C.G. and then they weren't the norm anymore. Still some really good series can be found in some collector's collections. Here are some of the series worth mentioned and its my personal favorites, the WITCHBLADE release in 1996 as by far one of my favorite in my collections.
This below is known as the "PORTRAIT" set, a collection of single cards to made up a 9 pc portrait set. Am still missing 2 to complete my set.

This below is known as the "PROCESS" set, each characters is shown as a process from penciling by Micheal Turner, inking from D-Tron and finally to Coloring by J.D.Smith. A process from start to finish. Am also missing 3 cards from this set.

Finally this below is known as the "FOIL-ETCHED" limited Editions Sub-Set CHASE cards set. This is because each piece of the card in this set is produces in limited number and is hard to get. The cards with the Witchblade is made of a special layer of material that have reflective and rough surface to made it look and feel like the Witchblade. Am missing 1 last pc to complete.

Overall its a good set, lots of Micheal Turners art and also some from other artist interpretation of the Witchblade. Sold out long ago and is hard to find now. Good luck.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Be@rBrick : Series 20 - All Secret reveal

All secret for series 20 has been reveal and they all looks awesome. A total of 9 secret bear from this series (secret bear are bears not shown on the packaging). Scroll down to see each of them.

Secret Bear # 01 - WAR MACHINE (Ironman 2) Ratio found = 7 : 96

Secret Bear # 02 - MOMOTAROS Imagin, sand version (Kamen Rider Den-O) Ratio found = 4 : 96

Secret Bear # 03 - STRIPE (Gremlins) Ratio found = 3 : 96

Secret Bear # 04 - Fragment Design (Artist) Ratio found = 1 : 96

Secret Bear # 05 - Dr. EviLLE (Captain Action) Ratio found = 1 : 96

Secret Bear # 06 - MOMO Ratio found = 1 : 192 (Carton A)

Secret Bear # 07 - HYSTERIC GLAMOUR Ratio found = 1 : 192 (Carton A)

Secret Bear # 08 - PHENOMENON Ratio found = 1 : 192 (Carton B)

Secret Bear # 09 - 20TH ANNIVERSARY Ratio found = 1 : 192 (Carton B)