Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Haul - BearBrick S20

Times sure flies when you are having fun, just a year ago i started with series 18 and now its the 20th release of Medicom's Bearbrick series. With this series, comes something new to the Bearbrick world, a walking Bearbrick and also a secret Bear bearing the 20th release logo. ( see previous post).

Series 20 packaging is slightly taller then the average series as the Basic Walking bear do not sit in the packaging but standing up hence the tall packaging.

Side view of the case packaging with all the bears in the series (minus the secret hidden bear). All the best to all that buying the blind packaging or by case. As for me below is what in my case.

Basic (White- @), Jellybean (Rainbow), Flag (South Africa) & Pattern (SSUR)

Horror (Captian Action), Sci-fi (Ironman 2-mark iv), Cute (ToyStory 3) & Animal (Gremlins)

Artist Bear - Krooked, Hidden Bear - Dr.Eville, Momotaros Imagin, War Machine & MOMO

Pretty good set, lucky manage to complete a set of 8 as only 1 pcs of Ironman and War Machine in it. Good luck.


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