Monday, July 12, 2010


After the classic / universe series came to a halt to made way for TF:ROTF, Hasbro now return with some brand new releases this month. Hot on the pegs are the Decepticon Seekers named THRUST. THRUST was previously release by TAKARA TOMY as an Exclusive together with Dirge but now Hasbro has manage to release it as a REGULAR. Does this mean we get to have Dirge out as well sometimes in the future? Those that got the Tomy Takara Exclusive release and pay Exclusive price is gonna be pissed.

Front packaging

Back packaging

Open packaging with manual. Am really liking the color scheme for Thrust, its like a metallic maroon color plus dark gray contrast. Yellow cockpit window and with Chrome Interior.

Plane Mode with removable accessories

Plane Mode 1 : Missile front and Turbine back

Plane Mode 2: Missile back and turbine top front

Plane Mode 3: Missile front bottom and turbine front top.
There so many possible placement of the missile and turbine that one can customised .

Robot mode in actions, articulation on the shoulder made it possible to pose various angle. Hips and knees joint made some posing possible like kneeling and others.

Back of robot mode, nicely done, again the turbine can be fitted to various location at top or bottom of the wing.

Robot mode with detachable missile and turbine.

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