Sunday, July 11, 2010

WITCHBLADE....The Cards..

Comics Trading Card was the norm during the 80's and 90's then came C.C.G. and then they weren't the norm anymore. Still some really good series can be found in some collector's collections. Here are some of the series worth mentioned and its my personal favorites, the WITCHBLADE release in 1996 as by far one of my favorite in my collections.
This below is known as the "PORTRAIT" set, a collection of single cards to made up a 9 pc portrait set. Am still missing 2 to complete my set.

This below is known as the "PROCESS" set, each characters is shown as a process from penciling by Micheal Turner, inking from D-Tron and finally to Coloring by J.D.Smith. A process from start to finish. Am also missing 3 cards from this set.

Finally this below is known as the "FOIL-ETCHED" limited Editions Sub-Set CHASE cards set. This is because each piece of the card in this set is produces in limited number and is hard to get. The cards with the Witchblade is made of a special layer of material that have reflective and rough surface to made it look and feel like the Witchblade. Am missing 1 last pc to complete.

Overall its a good set, lots of Micheal Turners art and also some from other artist interpretation of the Witchblade. Sold out long ago and is hard to find now. Good luck.

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