Friday, February 20, 2009

Kamen Rider DCD - Epi 4

This week releases for Kamen Rider Decade Episode 4 is out at TV-Nihon, HD version is out as well. This episode begins the next world that Decade will be visiting and its "KIVA's no Se kai". In this alternate Kiva's world where human and Fangire coexist, what will be Decade mission?

2nd Kamen Rider world - KIVA

Summary :

- Guest rider from FAIZ
- KUUGA Titan and Dragon form
- All New Fangire
- Wataru Kurenai is a KID and Heir to the KIVA throne

Kuuga Cards Feature in this episode

Form Ride - Kuuga TITAN FORM
Form Ride - Kuuga - DRAGON FORM

All these jam pack into a single episode, don't miss it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rider Belt Tribute II

Kamen Rider Belt Tribute series 2 was release in 2008, got 2 boxes from my recent haul at a shop during the festive holiday weekend. Feature 10 difference design and they are HEAVY!. The belt are scale 1/6 in size but some collectors put the belt on their 1/6 kamen rider Dolls and find the belt to be a bit big for it.



The belts comes in the blind packaging again much like most of japanese toys/ trading figure products. Pick up 2 of the heaviest of the lot and open opening them, no i didnt get the secret buy which i hope to get. I got myself some classic Belt from the Kamen Rider BLACK series!. Once out of packaging, the belts and stand are in a plastic bag tape on a cardboard. Also included were a paper quality card featuring the Kamen Rider that the belts is from.

Belts and stand are easy to assemble, the belt is already on a circular plastic. Another piece of plastic that connect the stand with the plastic holding the belts. The belts are heavy and in full detail and color (see pics).

Not only is the belt in good quality, Shadowmoon belts actually comes with his sword. Sadly the sword is made from plastic and is able to sheath from the holder itself. Nice..

The belt can detach from the holder, open and wear it on your wraist (kids wraist), made from soft plastic. Overall a not bad products, will get future release if they have nice Rider belt design.

Bear Brick Series 17

During my recent haul, i got myself some series 17 Bear brick (BB) which was release in late 2008. Was not into Bear brick but was introduced by a friend which is a Bear brick collector. Since there wasn't much of anything to get then, so i thought i try my luck on a BB. It was a good bargain to said that the shop was clearing the stock, so i said to myself, why not. Each series have 10 difference assortment to collect and is also base on the percentage of assortment rate in a box. Each BB comes with a collectors card that shown the BB

So i pick from the leftover case box, only left 12 boxes. Pick 2 boxes (they are blind packaging and are pack in a silver foil plastic. and because BB are the same shape and size, there is no way to know which 1 that you are getting.) and made my payment. Open the 1st box, rip out the foil plastic inside and its a JELLYBEAN BB. My 2nd box reveal to be much more exciting, got myself a MICKEY MOUSE from the ANIMAL series. Not only that, the Mickey is a one of the CHASE Variant in the series. The normal Mickey is the Modern Mickey and the chase is the Classic Mickey.

I was suppost to stop but the xcitement get the better of me, hence purchasing 2 more boxes. Unfortunetly, i wasn't that lucky this time, 3rd BB reveal to be ANOTHER Jellybean BB and the 4th BB is from the FLAG series.

Have traded the Flag for a Horror series featuring a K-20 character (see pics above). Gonna trade or sell off the other xtra BB. So anybody interested, let me know. Thanks.

Kamen Rider DCD - Epi 3

Hurry folks, Kamen Rider DECADE episode 3 is out. Both regular and HD version is available to download over at TVNIHON.

1st Kamen Rider World - KUUGA

Summary :

- DECADE vs KUUGA vs Punch Hopper & Kick Hopper
- More guest rider Shadows
- KUUGA Final Form Reveal!
- End of KUUGA world
- Next Rider World, Kamen Rider KIVA

Kuuga Cards Feature in this episode

Final FormRide - KUUGA GOURAM
Final AttackRide - KUUGA

All these jam pack into a single episode, don't miss it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Haul of the day #1

My haul of the day @ SHIOKTOYS

Received Newsletter stated Special Holiday Promotions at the store this weekend and got myself some fancy haul. The shop is having special promotions like BUY 1 FREE 1 or SPECIAL LOW PRICE on selected items.

Got myself the following items.

- Kaiyodo's REVOLTECH # 010 - Patlabor Ingram #01
- Medicom's Bearbrick Series 17
- Kamen Riders Belts Tribute II

Hotwheels Car from Flea Market.

Transformers : CYCLONUS with NIGHTSTICK


D-07 CYCLONUS with NIGHTSTICK Targetmaster

Deluxe size Transformers Destron (Decepticon) Cyclonus come with TargetMaster's Nightstick. Featuring chrome parts on NightStick's leg and blaster barrel, also on boths Cyclonus's side wings.The Hasbro version is without Chrome parts, some color difference and feature a slightly difference packaging. Usually the price is also way difference between Hasbro and TakaraTomy with hasbro being cheaper.

Henkei version comes with a Collector Card featuring Cyclonus with NightStick, Instructions Manual and a Black / white Mini Comics in japanese language. None of those cards and comics were included in the Hasbro version. Back of the blister cards show the statistic of cyclonus in japanese.

Cyclonus transforms from robot to Cybertron JetPlane, this mould is the best ever done on a cyclonus character (Was there other besides the Classic G1). Not only is the paintjob matches to G1 (Hasbro got the sidewing in white, duh), the mould is perfectly done to reflects cyclonus in its true Cybertronian Jetplane mode, Jetmode also feature retractable landing gears on both legs at the back and also a front landing gear near the head.

Nightstick is a Nebulon from the planet Nebula, he and a few others Nebulon join forces with the Decepticons and had themselved Modifies to be Targetmaster so that they can defeat the Autobots and the Nebulon resistant fighters and then Rule Nebula. Nightstick transform from robot to Blaster Weapon for Cyclonus in both robot and jet mode.

Nightstick have shoulder, elbow, hip, torso joint to move back and forth. Both leg is able to move separetly and not join to move together. Very detail in facial but lack color detail on rest of the body. The blaster chrome barrel comes in a two-tone color (light chrome and dark chrome. Very simple transformations, both leg are folded togther with lower torso to the main body. Back blaster barrel is folded to the top of the head and you got youself a blaster weapon.

Cyclonus in robot mode have a transparent plastic at the back of the head which gave the light up eyes effect when place in front of any light souces. This methods has been used in various previous release of the series to gave them all the light up eyes effects.

Transformations on Cyclonus is fairly simple once you get the hang of it, the only difficult parts during transformations is perhaps the separation of the legs as it get tight sometimes. Also the folding of the sidewings at the arms should be carefully done as there is a "PEG"(fitting) that fits into the shoulder. If turn it recklessly, the peg may break and this will made the wings having gap betweeb the shoulder.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kamen Rider DCD - Epi 1 & 2

2009 Begins the new KAMEN RIDER show and its called Kamen Rider DECADE. The 10th Hensei (New Generation) Rider hence the name DECADE, will have the power to "Henshin" (change) to all previous 9 Kamen Rider and accessing their ability using CARDS inserted in Decade's Belt Buckle when fighting enemy.

Story is about a guy named Tsukasa who is destined to save his world by becoming Kamen Rider Decade and travel to other 9 Kamen Rider World to defeat those Kamen Rider. Some Previous Kamen rider actor will return and thus begin a new RIDER WARS.

Very interesting plot and effect, everything you might have learn from the last 9 years may change when this series is over, new rider, new power, new story will be unfold as the series goes.

Opening Theme Song by GACKT title "Journey through the Decade" awesome song.

Episode 1 and 2 has been release both in normal format and HD format.
Get them over at TV-NIHON fan sub group.



Some of the Transformers that i have in my collections. Been buying them ON and OFF for some time now, didn't really get into it as too many to buy. With HASBRO playing God to the Transformers franchise, repackaging, recoloring, rename, u name it, they got it made being release, the fun just wasn't there anymore. Pricing on them all also increase tremendously high making buying a selective procedure.

(Click pics for larger view)

Some of the series TRANSFORMERS that are in my collections are from the ARMADA, SUPERLINK, GALAXYFORCE, MINICON, UNIVERSE, CLASSIC, G1 and some KO (knock-off). Being collecting mostly on the Transformers Classic Series since its 1st release 2 years ago and its Japanese counterparts "HENKEI" series. Both share the same mould but with some difference paint job and material to certain parts.

TFTM (TransFormers The Movie) ROTF (Revenge Of The Fallen) toys line will be heating up soon and i dont see i'll be getting any at least for now. Only got 2 leader class from the previous TFTM movie.

"Challange : can u count how many TF i have in the pics"

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Transformers : Robot Heroes


During the month of DECEMBER 2008, all local 24 hour 7-11 chain store have had a promotions on TRANSFORMERS : Robot Heroes. The specially series was XCLUSIVEly made and Only available at 7-11 store and no where else locally. Price at RM9.90 a packet, buyer do not know what is inside the packet until they open it.

Robot Heroes series was previously release in a 2 pack clear bubble packaging on blister cards that feature Transformers character in G1 (generation 1) and Movie Transformers. These transformer are mini toys with limited movement or some with none moving part at all. They are made from hard and soft plastic and painted to details. Size are ranging from 4cm- 6cm depanding on characters.

A case box (Photo above) contain 30 packets (if not mistaken) and each packet (photo below) contain a Transfromers Robot Heroes + a collectors card and also a catalogue.

The catalogue is a full color back and front piece of folded paper showing all the other robot heroes that is available in the series (Photo below- click for larger view). A total of 30! character is available with some having the same design but difference color variation like the seekers, all 3 having the same design but with difference color.

Some of the ROBOT HEROES i got, sadly there are some which is NOT AVAILABLE whereas they are shown in the catalogue. Character like RAVAGE, MATRIX PRIME, HOLOGRAM JAZZ to name a few is not available. Check with local collectors as well as forum reveal that some are indeed not available.

TIP: Remember the characters characteriestic and shape from the catalogue then from the packet, feel it shape inside and you be able to determined which characters is inside.
Example : -
UNICRON - tenticle wings
SHARPNEL - 2 long thingy at back
Movie PRIME - cannon at left hand
Shockwave - cable at cannon at right hand
and so on. Only they we can't see which color in the case of the seekers, there starscream, skywarp and thundercraker. All 3 have the same pose and design, so cant sure which is inside.

Rider Masked Collections


This series started in 2005 with only 8 Rider Masked in a series plus a secret Masked randomly inserted in a case box of 8 smaller boxes. These Masked is 1/6 inch in scale and may be suitable for any 1/6 figure customization. The Masked is put on a specially made stand, and 1 in 8 ratio, a special stand with light bulb is included. The light will light up the Rider Eyes when the masked is push down.

With each series, the number of Masked (Rider Head) is increase. With the lastest series (Part5), a total of 14 head plus 1 secret to get and the ratio of getting a complete set is very hard. A case box consisting of 8 Rider head does not complete the series, multiple case box of 8 also does not guretee a complete set in the series.

Will feature a series by series in upcoming post soon.

Rider Hero Series


The RHS is a Soft Vinyl 6 inch figure featuring Kamen Rider Character. This series was started way back in the 90's if i'm not mistaken and have been release with difference repackaging since then. Each of the figures come with a character cards and sometimes with a weapon as well. Figure have very limited articulation as cut joint only on both shoulder and waist. The design of the figure are rather FLAT and not much in proportion until the "Shin" Rider / Doras figure. From there onwards, the design / mould for the new rider have been improve greatly.

The series was number in sequences as listed below with some "EX" inserted in between :-

#01 to 10 (classic series Rider 1 to ZX)
#11 to 15 (Rider Black and RX Black series)
#16-19 (Rider J, ZO, SHIN & DORAS)
#20-28 (Kuuga Series)
#29-40 (Agito Series)
#41-47 (Ryuki Series)

"EX" are those NOT MAIN character in the series and only appear briefly.

Right after the Ryuki series(#47), before the beginning of a new Rider series, the RHS series got a production overhaul. A slight difference packaging art and with some of the character being taken out. The number of figure have cut down from 47 to 28. Most of the main character from 01-19 is remain, the number of figure cut is from KUUGA, AGITO and RYUKI series.

With that being done, each new RIDER Series onwards (2003) do not follow the sequencial numbering but rather the new series numbering such as the following : -

2003 - Kamen Rider FAIZ (RHF01 - 05, EX)
2004 - Kamen Rider BLADE (RHB01 - 07, EX)
2005 - Kamen Rider HIBIKI (RHH01 - 05, EX)
2006 - Kamen Rider KABUTO (RHK01 - 16, EX)
2007 - Kamen Rider DEN-O (RHD01 - 06, EX)
2008 - Kamen Rider KIVA (RHSKV01 - 06, EX)

Later the HONG KONG version release (2007) spot another difference packaging whereas all the character will have the same packaging graphic to them as appose to the JAPAN version where each character will have its own packaging. (Detail in an upcoming post soon)

Kamen Rider KIDS

(click pic for larger view)


Kamen Rider Kids Candy toys is a Series release from Bandai that feature Kamen Rider Character in "Chibi" (Big head, small body) form. Made from soft vinyl and hollow inside. A box will come with a sweet or sugar coat candy together with a Kamen Rider toy Character.

Each box will have a numbering or pic showing which character is inside the box. Retail in Japan is 100 YEN a box. The series 1st started in 2002, and has been releasing new series each year to date. Now the 2009 series has already increase price to 120 YEN a box.

Will feature each series later on.