Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rider Belt Tribute II

Kamen Rider Belt Tribute series 2 was release in 2008, got 2 boxes from my recent haul at a shop during the festive holiday weekend. Feature 10 difference design and they are HEAVY!. The belt are scale 1/6 in size but some collectors put the belt on their 1/6 kamen rider Dolls and find the belt to be a bit big for it.



The belts comes in the blind packaging again much like most of japanese toys/ trading figure products. Pick up 2 of the heaviest of the lot and open opening them, no i didnt get the secret buy which i hope to get. I got myself some classic Belt from the Kamen Rider BLACK series!. Once out of packaging, the belts and stand are in a plastic bag tape on a cardboard. Also included were a paper quality card featuring the Kamen Rider that the belts is from.

Belts and stand are easy to assemble, the belt is already on a circular plastic. Another piece of plastic that connect the stand with the plastic holding the belts. The belts are heavy and in full detail and color (see pics).

Not only is the belt in good quality, Shadowmoon belts actually comes with his sword. Sadly the sword is made from plastic and is able to sheath from the holder itself. Nice..

The belt can detach from the holder, open and wear it on your wraist (kids wraist), made from soft plastic. Overall a not bad products, will get future release if they have nice Rider belt design.

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