Sunday, February 8, 2009

Transformers : CYCLONUS with NIGHTSTICK


D-07 CYCLONUS with NIGHTSTICK Targetmaster

Deluxe size Transformers Destron (Decepticon) Cyclonus come with TargetMaster's Nightstick. Featuring chrome parts on NightStick's leg and blaster barrel, also on boths Cyclonus's side wings.The Hasbro version is without Chrome parts, some color difference and feature a slightly difference packaging. Usually the price is also way difference between Hasbro and TakaraTomy with hasbro being cheaper.

Henkei version comes with a Collector Card featuring Cyclonus with NightStick, Instructions Manual and a Black / white Mini Comics in japanese language. None of those cards and comics were included in the Hasbro version. Back of the blister cards show the statistic of cyclonus in japanese.

Cyclonus transforms from robot to Cybertron JetPlane, this mould is the best ever done on a cyclonus character (Was there other besides the Classic G1). Not only is the paintjob matches to G1 (Hasbro got the sidewing in white, duh), the mould is perfectly done to reflects cyclonus in its true Cybertronian Jetplane mode, Jetmode also feature retractable landing gears on both legs at the back and also a front landing gear near the head.

Nightstick is a Nebulon from the planet Nebula, he and a few others Nebulon join forces with the Decepticons and had themselved Modifies to be Targetmaster so that they can defeat the Autobots and the Nebulon resistant fighters and then Rule Nebula. Nightstick transform from robot to Blaster Weapon for Cyclonus in both robot and jet mode.

Nightstick have shoulder, elbow, hip, torso joint to move back and forth. Both leg is able to move separetly and not join to move together. Very detail in facial but lack color detail on rest of the body. The blaster chrome barrel comes in a two-tone color (light chrome and dark chrome. Very simple transformations, both leg are folded togther with lower torso to the main body. Back blaster barrel is folded to the top of the head and you got youself a blaster weapon.

Cyclonus in robot mode have a transparent plastic at the back of the head which gave the light up eyes effect when place in front of any light souces. This methods has been used in various previous release of the series to gave them all the light up eyes effects.

Transformations on Cyclonus is fairly simple once you get the hang of it, the only difficult parts during transformations is perhaps the separation of the legs as it get tight sometimes. Also the folding of the sidewings at the arms should be carefully done as there is a "PEG"(fitting) that fits into the shoulder. If turn it recklessly, the peg may break and this will made the wings having gap betweeb the shoulder.

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