Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rider Hero Series


The RHS is a Soft Vinyl 6 inch figure featuring Kamen Rider Character. This series was started way back in the 90's if i'm not mistaken and have been release with difference repackaging since then. Each of the figures come with a character cards and sometimes with a weapon as well. Figure have very limited articulation as cut joint only on both shoulder and waist. The design of the figure are rather FLAT and not much in proportion until the "Shin" Rider / Doras figure. From there onwards, the design / mould for the new rider have been improve greatly.

The series was number in sequences as listed below with some "EX" inserted in between :-

#01 to 10 (classic series Rider 1 to ZX)
#11 to 15 (Rider Black and RX Black series)
#16-19 (Rider J, ZO, SHIN & DORAS)
#20-28 (Kuuga Series)
#29-40 (Agito Series)
#41-47 (Ryuki Series)

"EX" are those NOT MAIN character in the series and only appear briefly.

Right after the Ryuki series(#47), before the beginning of a new Rider series, the RHS series got a production overhaul. A slight difference packaging art and with some of the character being taken out. The number of figure have cut down from 47 to 28. Most of the main character from 01-19 is remain, the number of figure cut is from KUUGA, AGITO and RYUKI series.

With that being done, each new RIDER Series onwards (2003) do not follow the sequencial numbering but rather the new series numbering such as the following : -

2003 - Kamen Rider FAIZ (RHF01 - 05, EX)
2004 - Kamen Rider BLADE (RHB01 - 07, EX)
2005 - Kamen Rider HIBIKI (RHH01 - 05, EX)
2006 - Kamen Rider KABUTO (RHK01 - 16, EX)
2007 - Kamen Rider DEN-O (RHD01 - 06, EX)
2008 - Kamen Rider KIVA (RHSKV01 - 06, EX)

Later the HONG KONG version release (2007) spot another difference packaging whereas all the character will have the same packaging graphic to them as appose to the JAPAN version where each character will have its own packaging. (Detail in an upcoming post soon)

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