Sunday, February 1, 2009

Transformers : Robot Heroes


During the month of DECEMBER 2008, all local 24 hour 7-11 chain store have had a promotions on TRANSFORMERS : Robot Heroes. The specially series was XCLUSIVEly made and Only available at 7-11 store and no where else locally. Price at RM9.90 a packet, buyer do not know what is inside the packet until they open it.

Robot Heroes series was previously release in a 2 pack clear bubble packaging on blister cards that feature Transformers character in G1 (generation 1) and Movie Transformers. These transformer are mini toys with limited movement or some with none moving part at all. They are made from hard and soft plastic and painted to details. Size are ranging from 4cm- 6cm depanding on characters.

A case box (Photo above) contain 30 packets (if not mistaken) and each packet (photo below) contain a Transfromers Robot Heroes + a collectors card and also a catalogue.

The catalogue is a full color back and front piece of folded paper showing all the other robot heroes that is available in the series (Photo below- click for larger view). A total of 30! character is available with some having the same design but difference color variation like the seekers, all 3 having the same design but with difference color.

Some of the ROBOT HEROES i got, sadly there are some which is NOT AVAILABLE whereas they are shown in the catalogue. Character like RAVAGE, MATRIX PRIME, HOLOGRAM JAZZ to name a few is not available. Check with local collectors as well as forum reveal that some are indeed not available.

TIP: Remember the characters characteriestic and shape from the catalogue then from the packet, feel it shape inside and you be able to determined which characters is inside.
Example : -
UNICRON - tenticle wings
SHARPNEL - 2 long thingy at back
Movie PRIME - cannon at left hand
Shockwave - cable at cannon at right hand
and so on. Only they we can't see which color in the case of the seekers, there starscream, skywarp and thundercraker. All 3 have the same pose and design, so cant sure which is inside.

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