Saturday, February 7, 2009


Some of the Transformers that i have in my collections. Been buying them ON and OFF for some time now, didn't really get into it as too many to buy. With HASBRO playing God to the Transformers franchise, repackaging, recoloring, rename, u name it, they got it made being release, the fun just wasn't there anymore. Pricing on them all also increase tremendously high making buying a selective procedure.

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Some of the series TRANSFORMERS that are in my collections are from the ARMADA, SUPERLINK, GALAXYFORCE, MINICON, UNIVERSE, CLASSIC, G1 and some KO (knock-off). Being collecting mostly on the Transformers Classic Series since its 1st release 2 years ago and its Japanese counterparts "HENKEI" series. Both share the same mould but with some difference paint job and material to certain parts.

TFTM (TransFormers The Movie) ROTF (Revenge Of The Fallen) toys line will be heating up soon and i dont see i'll be getting any at least for now. Only got 2 leader class from the previous TFTM movie.

"Challange : can u count how many TF i have in the pics"

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