Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bear Brick Series 17

During my recent haul, i got myself some series 17 Bear brick (BB) which was release in late 2008. Was not into Bear brick but was introduced by a friend which is a Bear brick collector. Since there wasn't much of anything to get then, so i thought i try my luck on a BB. It was a good bargain to said that the shop was clearing the stock, so i said to myself, why not. Each series have 10 difference assortment to collect and is also base on the percentage of assortment rate in a box. Each BB comes with a collectors card that shown the BB

So i pick from the leftover case box, only left 12 boxes. Pick 2 boxes (they are blind packaging and are pack in a silver foil plastic. and because BB are the same shape and size, there is no way to know which 1 that you are getting.) and made my payment. Open the 1st box, rip out the foil plastic inside and its a JELLYBEAN BB. My 2nd box reveal to be much more exciting, got myself a MICKEY MOUSE from the ANIMAL series. Not only that, the Mickey is a one of the CHASE Variant in the series. The normal Mickey is the Modern Mickey and the chase is the Classic Mickey.

I was suppost to stop but the xcitement get the better of me, hence purchasing 2 more boxes. Unfortunetly, i wasn't that lucky this time, 3rd BB reveal to be ANOTHER Jellybean BB and the 4th BB is from the FLAG series.

Have traded the Flag for a Horror series featuring a K-20 character (see pics above). Gonna trade or sell off the other xtra BB. So anybody interested, let me know. Thanks.

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