Sunday, December 4, 2011

Be@rBrick : Series 23 Reveal

Finally, the photo for all the Bearbrick series 23 design was out. Doesn't looks very interesting to me for now, hopefully it will be when they are actually being release which is sometime end of Dec 2011 / Early Jan 2012. Enjoy the pics for now.

Top Row (Left to Right) : -
Basic - Chrome Blue
JellyBEAN -  2 tone, Green/White with bubble effects.
Pattern - Andy Warhol ( White with banana)
Flag - Thailand

Middle Row (Left to Right) : -
Scifi - REEL Steel
Horror - Fringe
Cute - Rilakkuma (Dark brown)
Cute - Korilakkuma (Light brown)

Bottom Row (Left to Right) : -

Animal - RUNE
Animal - Sonic The hedgehog
Artist 1 - MNWKA (1/96)
Artist 2 - MUVIEL

Updates on all bear group/category...  cheers.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lego Fair 2011 - part 3

Here are a price list for Limited editions / Exclusive item available only at the LEGO FAIR. Prices to me are o.k. for some while other can be a bit lesser.

Display of some of the item available for sales at the LEGO FAIR, not everything is discounted, only a selected few series like Toy Story, Prince of Persia, Atlantis and a few others series. See price list below.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Lego Fair 2011 - part 2

Good day folks, its saturday the weekend and what better time to spend on your weekend then to attend the 2011 Lego Mini Fair by Toys R Us (TRU) @ .. see last post. There are some goodies for attendee as there be more lego display at 1st floor!. If you go today there be also the build a giant size R2-D2 event as well.

The following photo was taken at the pre-opening of LEGO : STAR WARS display at the fair. Those sets are awesome!! Enjoy.

Click photo to see enlarge pics

Some Video i've upload to youtube here 


Lego Fair 2011 - part 1

Yes, here it is a Malaysia LEGO mini fair starting from now 25th Nov 2011 till 1st Jan 2012, organized by our local Toys R' Us with LEGO distributor. Featuring some 12 feet tall Santa Lego Figures and also a city landscape diorama not to be miss by both collector and non collector alike. 

Also there will be some LEGO products that on sales at 50% off retail like ATLANTIS, TOY STORY 3, Prince and Persia and many many more. What more are you waiting for, see those pics below and get over there and enjoy.

Btw, did i mentioned that it is located at Bangsar Village 2 ground floor concourse. Cheers.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Be@rBrick : Series 23 Announced

Late news, but late is better then never right. The official license properties that BearBrick series 23 will be releasing are.....

 the possibilities are endless, well there u have it folks, gear up for Series 23 coming your way pretty soon.. :)


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lego MiniFigures 6 & 7 - Official Reveal

Well here it is boys and gals, official photo reveal of LEGO minifigures 6 & 7.

Series 6 Lego MiniFigures

Series 7 Lego MiniFigures
This just get better and better..... 

Both are gonna release in 2012

Monday, September 26, 2011

NOSTALGIA : General Mills

Mid September 2011, the release of Hot Wheels Nostalgia series 2nd wave which feature Characters from GENERAL MILLS. Maker of cereal products such as Cocoa Puff, Lucky Charms, Trix and many more. This is Case 'C', release before case 'B' which is the DC Character wave. Also one of the wave which will not hit locally as licensing issue prohibited it.

More details and pic here.. ==> Nostalgia : General Mills

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lego MiniFigures 6 - Sneak peek

Howdy collectors, with series 5 of the Mini Figures being release in the U.S. We now have some sneak peek of series 6 in the making that will made its debut in 2012 next year. How accurate of these sneak peek remain a questions until the official release. Until then feast your eyes on these photo shoot for series 6.

                                          The Butcher                            The Mechanic
                                           The Minator                             The Leprechaun

                                           The Genie                             The Skateboard Girl
                                              The Warrior                      The Space Women

                                         Statue of Liberty                               Aliens

                                              The Secret files of Series 6 mini Figures
Wow wow wow .. really cant wait to see official photo of series 6, so far, they looks very very promising.. the Genie, Statue of Liberty, Minator are awesome! Will keep everybody posted on new info when its available.. cheers.


Friday, September 2, 2011


Here it is, Rider Masked V11 all masked reveal in color and the packaging too. They look awesome and i think i MIGHT be getting a full set here..!!! enjoy,

Monday, July 18, 2011

Storm Rider # 601th + 不滅刀

Next on the 5 Inch Limited Edition Weapon sword letter opener in issue 601th of the Storm Riders Comics or AKA Tian Xia / Tin Ha / Pedang Setiawan, is the 不滅刀 (Immortal Blade - as translate by google) which feature now in a new Story Arc.

The comics #601 cover

If only the publisher also provide the sword with a display stand then it would look so good like in the photo below.

The box packaging is similar with the previous sword except that the sword design is feature on it, similar yet difference, the font use for the sword name is also difference.

2 of the 4 new sword has been released, 2 more to go. Next sword would be interesting.


Holy Molly, RMBS (Rider Masked Best Selections) vol.1 & 2 and RMC (Rider Masked Collections) Vol.10 still haven't reach local market and we already have announcement with pics for RMBS vol 3 and RMC 11 which is slated to release end of the year Dec11/Jan12.

Rider Masked Best Selections Vol.3 Line-up below..

Riderman / Ichigo / ZX / Amazon
Another Agito / ZO / RX Black
Hibiki / Delta / Ryuki
IXA:Burst mode / Zeronos:Altair Form / Den-O : Rod Form

Rider Masked Collections Vol.11 Line-up below..
Danki / Gills (open mouth) / Drake (Rider Form) /
Zabee (Masked Form) / Birth / OOO (Tajadol combo)

Den-o (Nega) / Dark Kabuto (Masked form) / SABAKI / Garagaranda
OOO (Saigozo Combo) / Skull ( Crystal) / Dark Decade / Yuuki (Hijack form)

A lot of them in this vol11 are villian rider and am looking forward to the release of this series. Hopefully Vol 10 will arrive soon with best selection 1 and 2, they are way overdue pass the release date.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lego Mini Figure - Series 5 (Annouced)

Hurray, Lego series 5 is schedule to release sometime between Aug - Sept  2011 with additional 16 new mini figures with theme like from previously in music, from city to monster, from fantasy to many more. Can't wait for them to arrive.

Row 1:
Aztec Warrior / Graduate / Snowboarder (Female) / Gunman

Row 2:
Cave Women / Man In Lizard Suit / Explorer (Female) / Eskimo (Male)

Row 3:
Boxer / Clown with Pie / LumberJack / Dwarf Warrior

Row 4:
Acrobat Dancer/ Egyption Women / Palace Guard / Investigator

Lot and lots of cool figures i be getting again in this series 5 and hopefully i can keep up with the releases. Cheers.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Haul - Shin KenKi (Demon Sword)

New 1/6 scale samurai sword series by Charazo ( named SHIN KENKI vol.1 release early July. Assortment case comes in set of 10 plus 2 secret, total 12 design in all. They are 15-20cm long, made from Stainless steels and PVC.

They are blind packaging so you wont know which you be getting and if you are lucky you might find a secret sword (which is not feature on the box packaging).

Each box is with plastic blister to hold all the sword and also the display for the sword. There also a backdrop with quote and a red piece of "mat" for the display. Very nice accessories.

The sword (Katana) are not assemble as usual with this kind of series, so as to gave collectors the opportunity to enjoy the detailing part and sword assembly technique.

See the detail on Katana's Nakago in the photo above. That is the mark / signature of the sword maker found in samurai sword. Interesting, time to assemble the katana.

The reversed side of the backdrop tells a history of the Katana as well as its Weider and some quote on them so as to understand more about this particular katana.

Once fully assemble and with its backdrop and red carpet, time to put it up on display. Got me a plastic display case which is just long enought to fit the katana. Awesome, waiting for vol 2 now.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Medicom Be@rBrick Series 22 - Haul

This year am slowing down and hopefully will be able to stop getting case of Be@rBrick. With the release of series 22 recently, i've only manage to get a selected few instead of a case. Passing the opportunity of getting Hidden bear and others.

The release of series 22 also mark a new milestone for Medicom toys as they have change the font of the Basic bear series to a new font type. Guess with 20+ so basic color being release, they probably need to think of someway to keep the basic line interesting.

The packaging for series 22 is a bright yellow theme box (which reminds me of 'BERSIH 2.0). Anyway i've manage to get what i most wanted from this series and that is the GREEN LANTERN from Hero Theme. Lucky me and also Lighting Mcqueen and BARS. Still thinking to get UNO patter theme or not.

Front View of Mcqueen, Green Lantern and Bars. Bars is very interesting as the back portion of the head is transparent blue. This is because its a effect of glowing blue star at the front when the bear is held up in front of a lighting source, very nice.

Rear View of the bear, take note on the Bars with blue head. Nice.

That about it this time, until news of Series 23 pop up, cheers.