Friday, July 15, 2011

Haul - Shin KenKi (Demon Sword)

New 1/6 scale samurai sword series by Charazo ( named SHIN KENKI vol.1 release early July. Assortment case comes in set of 10 plus 2 secret, total 12 design in all. They are 15-20cm long, made from Stainless steels and PVC.

They are blind packaging so you wont know which you be getting and if you are lucky you might find a secret sword (which is not feature on the box packaging).

Each box is with plastic blister to hold all the sword and also the display for the sword. There also a backdrop with quote and a red piece of "mat" for the display. Very nice accessories.

The sword (Katana) are not assemble as usual with this kind of series, so as to gave collectors the opportunity to enjoy the detailing part and sword assembly technique.

See the detail on Katana's Nakago in the photo above. That is the mark / signature of the sword maker found in samurai sword. Interesting, time to assemble the katana.

The reversed side of the backdrop tells a history of the Katana as well as its Weider and some quote on them so as to understand more about this particular katana.

Once fully assemble and with its backdrop and red carpet, time to put it up on display. Got me a plastic display case which is just long enought to fit the katana. Awesome, waiting for vol 2 now.


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