Monday, July 18, 2011

Storm Rider # 601th + 不滅刀

Next on the 5 Inch Limited Edition Weapon sword letter opener in issue 601th of the Storm Riders Comics or AKA Tian Xia / Tin Ha / Pedang Setiawan, is the 不滅刀 (Immortal Blade - as translate by google) which feature now in a new Story Arc.

The comics #601 cover

If only the publisher also provide the sword with a display stand then it would look so good like in the photo below.

The box packaging is similar with the previous sword except that the sword design is feature on it, similar yet difference, the font use for the sword name is also difference.

2 of the 4 new sword has been released, 2 more to go. Next sword would be interesting.

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