Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lego Mini Figure - Series 5 (Annouced)

Hurray, Lego series 5 is schedule to release sometime between Aug - Sept  2011 with additional 16 new mini figures with theme like from previously in music, from city to monster, from fantasy to many more. Can't wait for them to arrive.

Row 1:
Aztec Warrior / Graduate / Snowboarder (Female) / Gunman

Row 2:
Cave Women / Man In Lizard Suit / Explorer (Female) / Eskimo (Male)

Row 3:
Boxer / Clown with Pie / LumberJack / Dwarf Warrior

Row 4:
Acrobat Dancer/ Egyption Women / Palace Guard / Investigator

Lot and lots of cool figures i be getting again in this series 5 and hopefully i can keep up with the releases. Cheers.

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