Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Star Wars Mighty Beanz!

New arrival for MIGHTY BEANZ, Star Wars theme. Got me some 4 pack assortment hoping to complete the set as much as possible.

Each case box comes with 6 pack of 4 pieces each. Each pack of 4 will consists of 1 visible beanz and 3 hidden beanz inside so as not to know what u be getting. Sort of like partial blind packaging.

Colorful packaging with STAR WARS logo as main theme and the Mighty Beanz logo as secondary theme. SW beanz graphic accompany the packaging well but i do not know why there a clone trooper on the top right side?

The rear packaging shows a little info on the new series and says "Collect all 60 Star Wars Mighty Beanz and discover the power of the Force!". Have a feeling that i'm almost there, i can feel the force.

After 30min, all are open and reveal, darn these Beanz are awesome, the quality and graphic arts are greats, Here are some of them...

The rebels and Jedi's and Queen Amidala (which i was told to be Ultra Rare). How true is that  i do not know?

This is my favorites bunch of Beanz, the Sith Lord of the dark side with various type of Trooper. More pics and info in future post. Cheers.


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