Monday, July 18, 2011


Holy Molly, RMBS (Rider Masked Best Selections) vol.1 & 2 and RMC (Rider Masked Collections) Vol.10 still haven't reach local market and we already have announcement with pics for RMBS vol 3 and RMC 11 which is slated to release end of the year Dec11/Jan12.

Rider Masked Best Selections Vol.3 Line-up below..

Riderman / Ichigo / ZX / Amazon
Another Agito / ZO / RX Black
Hibiki / Delta / Ryuki
IXA:Burst mode / Zeronos:Altair Form / Den-O : Rod Form

Rider Masked Collections Vol.11 Line-up below..
Danki / Gills (open mouth) / Drake (Rider Form) /
Zabee (Masked Form) / Birth / OOO (Tajadol combo)

Den-o (Nega) / Dark Kabuto (Masked form) / SABAKI / Garagaranda
OOO (Saigozo Combo) / Skull ( Crystal) / Dark Decade / Yuuki (Hijack form)

A lot of them in this vol11 are villian rider and am looking forward to the release of this series. Hopefully Vol 10 will arrive soon with best selection 1 and 2, they are way overdue pass the release date.


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