Thursday, July 14, 2011

Medicom Be@rBrick Series 22 - Haul

This year am slowing down and hopefully will be able to stop getting case of Be@rBrick. With the release of series 22 recently, i've only manage to get a selected few instead of a case. Passing the opportunity of getting Hidden bear and others.

The release of series 22 also mark a new milestone for Medicom toys as they have change the font of the Basic bear series to a new font type. Guess with 20+ so basic color being release, they probably need to think of someway to keep the basic line interesting.

The packaging for series 22 is a bright yellow theme box (which reminds me of 'BERSIH 2.0). Anyway i've manage to get what i most wanted from this series and that is the GREEN LANTERN from Hero Theme. Lucky me and also Lighting Mcqueen and BARS. Still thinking to get UNO patter theme or not.

Front View of Mcqueen, Green Lantern and Bars. Bars is very interesting as the back portion of the head is transparent blue. This is because its a effect of glowing blue star at the front when the bear is held up in front of a lighting source, very nice.

Rear View of the bear, take note on the Bars with blue head. Nice.

That about it this time, until news of Series 23 pop up, cheers.

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