Friday, February 25, 2011

One Piece - Thousand Sunny

One Piece, a very popular japanese t.v. animation that has been showing for years in japan and around the world. Manga, toys and others related merchandised have also been selling like hot cakes. I personally do not follow the series and do not know what its all about besides that there's pirate character named Luffy with rubber like limps and the tv series has over 500 episode to date.

More of the Thousand Sunny spec can be found here..  Thousand_Sunny

Found the Thousand Sunny Candy toys series on sales and it actually looked very good and decent and at an affordable price. So got it for my curiosity and collections. This was what turn out after assembly and looking very cool indeed with some moving feature and miniature characters.

This series was release in 2009 and to complete the series there are 5 difference parts / components to buy in order to complete assembly the Thousand Sunny. Off course each part will have its playability feature and miniature color figurines for display.

Each part of the box come color coded as well as label and picture that tell you which part are in which boxes and so on as shown the those photo below and above

The side packaging also shows how each part form which area of the thousand sunny. Besides that it also show the individual part with its feature like shooting cannon, rotating hatch, boat launcher and others.

Finally the back packaging show an overall product view of individual and combines part of the Thousand Sunny. Measuring in size of the Thousand Sunny at 250mm high x 240mm length.

A great buy if you can find all 5 part to complete the Thousand Sunny. Cheers


The latest release of a Special Size Edition to Eaglemoss DC super hero Collection in Malaysian market just recently is Doomsday. Costing at RM $54.90 a piece and is a heavy weight piece too, comes with a Magazine featuring Doomsday and also Doomsday lead Figure showing Doomsday grabbing Superman's cape ( a scene where Doomsday defeated and killed Superman in the classic Doomsday storyline in Comics)

The back cover of the magazine

Doomsday in Package box

The many view of Doomsday


The Lead figure is very well sculpt and painted. Although some small details remains unseen but the overall work put into it is very well done and brings out the characters. Because the figure is made from LEAD, be sure to wash your hand after handling them.


The long awaited post of series 21 of Medicom's Bearbrick is now here. Manage to grab a box case from my local shop but before that already "tikam" "tikam" some individual boxes but sadly no hidden or special bear to be found. The box packaging for series 21 is Crimson Red in color and the size is now reduce back to its original packaging size as before series 20.

As usual, the only way to open a case box is right at the bottom, don't ask me why, but i think its probably to the box condition good.  Once open 24 individual boxes in front of me to slowly open one by one.

Individual boxes with same design like the rest of the previous series with only series name and picture for the series to be difference and also the box packaging color.

Finally ALL open and reveal, and the case has got me a complete set of  Normal bear and very minimum hidden bear. Confirm in each case will have 3 pcs of Tron bear but will only complete 1 pair and 1 extra single tron. The Batman Bear is awesome! glad i have him. Twin Peaks bear changes color with water and Basic bear have a very crimson red color. Pattern Bear is a must have for Prodigy fans which feature logo from Prodigy new album call "Invaders must die".  Other is just so-so but worth to complete the set.

The Basic bearbrick that appeared in my case of 24 pieces.

These here are the gems of all gem, some of the Hidden Bear and Secret bear for this series 21. Top is from Artist MARK WADE featuring a transparent body with graphic and head of a basketball. Next is Superman, the hidden bear counterpart to Batman. This is only one per case of 24 pcs. The last hidden bear is from the Kapel's Ladybug character, goes well with the Honey Bee character when display side by side.

Well that it for now, new of series 22 will be announce soon. cheers and take care.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

RMC : Kamen Rider RYUKI

Yes, with the release of Vol. 7 of the Rider Masked Collections, i've completed all the Masked for Kamen Rider Ryuki series. All 16 of the masked was release sequentially since vol 1 to vol 7. The hardest to get is probably Ryuki Survive and Ryuga Masked.

Top Row (Left to right) :
Knight (Vol.1), Knight Survive (Vol.6), Odin (Vol.3), Ryuki Survive (Vol.7) & Ryuki (Vol.1)

Middle Row (Left to right) :
Taiga (Vol.1), Zolda (Vol.2), Gai (Vol.4), Ohyja (Vol.1) & Raia (Vol.6)

Bottom Row (Left to right) :
Femme (Vol.3), Verde (Vol.3), Ryuga (Vol.7), Scissor (Vol.5), Imperer (Vol.7) & Alternative Zero (Vol.6)
Now, if only they will made a ABYSS from Decade series then it would be great.


Friday, February 4, 2011

RHS - Kamen Rider RYUKI

Started watching Kamen Rider again when i stumble upon the 1-shot of "Kamen Rider Ryuki : 13 Rider" vcd by accident. From there on, i was hook by the series and the new unique design of all the rider feature in the show. Later on, i found those RHS (Rider Hero Series) Sofubi in departmental store which was selling at RM39.90 each! That was in 2002 and was slowly accumulating them 1 by 1. Finally complete them all in 2005 with the last figure of RYUGA which i got it from Singapore.

Now i present the complete (excluding Japan Limited editions) Kamen Rider Ryuki RHS. Consisting of all the 13 riders, 1 Alternative Zero, 2 Survive Mode rider, 2 Blank Form rider and a 2pcs boxset Special Editions.

Front View of the packaging (Japan version) with numbering from 41-47 (for Ryuki series). Number 40 and below belongs to previous Show (Previous RHS post ). Each packaging showcase the Rider photo and its name on it. Plastic windows on the packaging also show 3/4 of the rider figure in it, which allow collector like me to choose the figure with the best paint job. With a $40 price tag on it, i wanna get the best looking Rider without defect.

RHS 41- Kamen Rider Ryuki
RHS 42 - Kamen Rider Knight
RHS 43 - Kamen Rider Zolda
RHS 44 - Kamen Rider Ohyja
RHS 45 - Kamen Rider Knight Survive
RHS 46 - Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive
RHS 47 - Kamen Rider Odin

RHS EX - Kamen Rider Ryuki - Blank Form
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Scissor
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Gai
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Taiga
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Imperer
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Raia
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Femme
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Verde
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Ryuga
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Alternative Zero

Limited Edition :
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Ryuga VS Ryuki (2 pack boxset)
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Ohyja - Blank Form

The limited edition 2 pack consisting of Ryuki VS Ryuga was an unexpected find. Wasn't sure to get it then but am sure glad i did. Ryuki in this boxset feature a transparent Red as compare to the single box which is solid red. The Ryuga is a variant of the single box where the shoulder shield is attached. Both Ryuki and Ryuga comes with its Sword.

The Ohyja Blank form is a limited edition whereby it is grey in color. In the movie, Ohyja  card deck was destroy thus killing its contract monster and revert Ohyja to its Blank form.

Am glad that ive manage to complete this series and am satisfied with the result. Once display, they looks stunning. Kamen Rider Ryuki would be my favorite rider series. Thanks for looking.


Spawn : Blood Axe + ThunderHoff

Once upon a time and not so long ago in 2002, McFarlane toys release in its Spawn series 22 which feature a Dark Age theme of the VIKING AGE. Comes a deluxe boxset which comprises a Viking age spawn by the name of BloodAxe together with his steed name Thunderhoff.

BloodAxe spawn stand 6 inch tall with articulation on neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, waist, hips, knee and feet. Comes with a shield and Spike mace as accessories. Capable of riding Thunderhoff with ease.

ThunderHoff comes at 9inch in length from head to tail. Articulation on all 4 legs, hoof and neck. Comes with saddle, head masked and others. 

One of the best series release and with demand until now. Attentions to Detail and sculp are simply phenomenon and awesome at that time and still is today. Hopefully Mcfarlane toys will product spawn figure again in the near future. Until then, cheers.