Friday, February 25, 2011

One Piece - Thousand Sunny

One Piece, a very popular japanese t.v. animation that has been showing for years in japan and around the world. Manga, toys and others related merchandised have also been selling like hot cakes. I personally do not follow the series and do not know what its all about besides that there's pirate character named Luffy with rubber like limps and the tv series has over 500 episode to date.

More of the Thousand Sunny spec can be found here..  Thousand_Sunny

Found the Thousand Sunny Candy toys series on sales and it actually looked very good and decent and at an affordable price. So got it for my curiosity and collections. This was what turn out after assembly and looking very cool indeed with some moving feature and miniature characters.

This series was release in 2009 and to complete the series there are 5 difference parts / components to buy in order to complete assembly the Thousand Sunny. Off course each part will have its playability feature and miniature color figurines for display.

Each part of the box come color coded as well as label and picture that tell you which part are in which boxes and so on as shown the those photo below and above

The side packaging also shows how each part form which area of the thousand sunny. Besides that it also show the individual part with its feature like shooting cannon, rotating hatch, boat launcher and others.

Finally the back packaging show an overall product view of individual and combines part of the Thousand Sunny. Measuring in size of the Thousand Sunny at 250mm high x 240mm length.

A great buy if you can find all 5 part to complete the Thousand Sunny. Cheers

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