Friday, February 25, 2011


The long awaited post of series 21 of Medicom's Bearbrick is now here. Manage to grab a box case from my local shop but before that already "tikam" "tikam" some individual boxes but sadly no hidden or special bear to be found. The box packaging for series 21 is Crimson Red in color and the size is now reduce back to its original packaging size as before series 20.

As usual, the only way to open a case box is right at the bottom, don't ask me why, but i think its probably to the box condition good.  Once open 24 individual boxes in front of me to slowly open one by one.

Individual boxes with same design like the rest of the previous series with only series name and picture for the series to be difference and also the box packaging color.

Finally ALL open and reveal, and the case has got me a complete set of  Normal bear and very minimum hidden bear. Confirm in each case will have 3 pcs of Tron bear but will only complete 1 pair and 1 extra single tron. The Batman Bear is awesome! glad i have him. Twin Peaks bear changes color with water and Basic bear have a very crimson red color. Pattern Bear is a must have for Prodigy fans which feature logo from Prodigy new album call "Invaders must die".  Other is just so-so but worth to complete the set.

The Basic bearbrick that appeared in my case of 24 pieces.

These here are the gems of all gem, some of the Hidden Bear and Secret bear for this series 21. Top is from Artist MARK WADE featuring a transparent body with graphic and head of a basketball. Next is Superman, the hidden bear counterpart to Batman. This is only one per case of 24 pcs. The last hidden bear is from the Kapel's Ladybug character, goes well with the Honey Bee character when display side by side.

Well that it for now, new of series 22 will be announce soon. cheers and take care.

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