Friday, February 4, 2011

RHS - Kamen Rider RYUKI

Started watching Kamen Rider again when i stumble upon the 1-shot of "Kamen Rider Ryuki : 13 Rider" vcd by accident. From there on, i was hook by the series and the new unique design of all the rider feature in the show. Later on, i found those RHS (Rider Hero Series) Sofubi in departmental store which was selling at RM39.90 each! That was in 2002 and was slowly accumulating them 1 by 1. Finally complete them all in 2005 with the last figure of RYUGA which i got it from Singapore.

Now i present the complete (excluding Japan Limited editions) Kamen Rider Ryuki RHS. Consisting of all the 13 riders, 1 Alternative Zero, 2 Survive Mode rider, 2 Blank Form rider and a 2pcs boxset Special Editions.

Front View of the packaging (Japan version) with numbering from 41-47 (for Ryuki series). Number 40 and below belongs to previous Show (Previous RHS post ). Each packaging showcase the Rider photo and its name on it. Plastic windows on the packaging also show 3/4 of the rider figure in it, which allow collector like me to choose the figure with the best paint job. With a $40 price tag on it, i wanna get the best looking Rider without defect.

RHS 41- Kamen Rider Ryuki
RHS 42 - Kamen Rider Knight
RHS 43 - Kamen Rider Zolda
RHS 44 - Kamen Rider Ohyja
RHS 45 - Kamen Rider Knight Survive
RHS 46 - Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive
RHS 47 - Kamen Rider Odin

RHS EX - Kamen Rider Ryuki - Blank Form
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Scissor
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Gai
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Taiga
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Imperer
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Raia
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Femme
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Verde
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Ryuga
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Alternative Zero

Limited Edition :
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Ryuga VS Ryuki (2 pack boxset)
RHS EX - Kamen Rider Ohyja - Blank Form

The limited edition 2 pack consisting of Ryuki VS Ryuga was an unexpected find. Wasn't sure to get it then but am sure glad i did. Ryuki in this boxset feature a transparent Red as compare to the single box which is solid red. The Ryuga is a variant of the single box where the shoulder shield is attached. Both Ryuki and Ryuga comes with its Sword.

The Ohyja Blank form is a limited edition whereby it is grey in color. In the movie, Ohyja  card deck was destroy thus killing its contract monster and revert Ohyja to its Blank form.

Am glad that ive manage to complete this series and am satisfied with the result. Once display, they looks stunning. Kamen Rider Ryuki would be my favorite rider series. Thanks for looking.



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  2. Hi Marc, about Ouja Blank Form, does it comes with advent card or info card. Can you post me a picture of Ouja Blank Form Box set front, rear and side including cards picture to me. Thanx man really love your collections.

  3. hi marc! really love your collection. about ouja blank form can you post me a picture of ouja blank form box art front side and rear view and one question does it comes with its own advent card or just info card can you post me that picture too. thanx

  4. Hello Rider Asakura, thanks for dropping in. Sorry for the late reply. Your request will be posted soon. Take care.

  5. where can i buy this...... i want it so much...............

  6. Hello, its kinda Hard and Expensive now to find this set in shop. Maybe some single and incomplete set but you can try online auction site, Good luck.