Saturday, February 5, 2011

RMC : Kamen Rider RYUKI

Yes, with the release of Vol. 7 of the Rider Masked Collections, i've completed all the Masked for Kamen Rider Ryuki series. All 16 of the masked was release sequentially since vol 1 to vol 7. The hardest to get is probably Ryuki Survive and Ryuga Masked.

Top Row (Left to right) :
Knight (Vol.1), Knight Survive (Vol.6), Odin (Vol.3), Ryuki Survive (Vol.7) & Ryuki (Vol.1)

Middle Row (Left to right) :
Taiga (Vol.1), Zolda (Vol.2), Gai (Vol.4), Ohyja (Vol.1) & Raia (Vol.6)

Bottom Row (Left to right) :
Femme (Vol.3), Verde (Vol.3), Ryuga (Vol.7), Scissor (Vol.5), Imperer (Vol.7) & Alternative Zero (Vol.6)
Now, if only they will made a ABYSS from Decade series then it would be great.


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