Saturday, April 16, 2011

RMC Best Selection 1 & 2

Ok here the deal with Bandai, we now have the Best Selection Series for the Rider Masked Collections. A series of re-release of previous head from various volumn plus 1 new head never release before. To me, there both pros and cons to it, the pros is that collector and get those that they miss out last time and no need to pay premium price for it. Cons is that collector need to get it for the 1 NEW heads in the series. 

Here the Lineup for Vol 1 of Masked Best Selection, the new Masked is KATAKIRIBA Combo from KR OOO. Time of release is around June 2011.

Here the Lineup for Vol 1 of Masked Best Selection 2, the new Masked is KR ETERNAL from KR W(Double) Movie A-Z. Time of release is end of the year.

Personally, the only masked i need from those 2 vol is the new masked and also Rider Black.

Haul - RMC Vol.9

Got my vol 9 of Rider Masked Collections and am having no regret in getting a complete set with a slightly higher price rather then taking my chances with blind boxes. The rare piece from this vol.9 would be the Auto Vajin and Skull Rider, off course the Secret would be rarest of the 2. 

Typical looks of the case packaging and no difference then previous only having the difference head pics on them.

Single box packaging is as colorful as always and this time having Rider Accel and Zeronos's Zero forms on top and on front packaging will have Double Xtreme form with Faiz's Axel From

Let the cat out from the box and we have here below is Movie Rider from Kabuto Movie, Caucasus, Ketaros and Hercus.

Next we have Agito, Gaoh and Zeronos from Den-O

2 readily Assemble Head from this vol is the Orga and Auto Vajin and they looks awesome!! The other 2 being Psyga and Axel Faiz.

The remaining heads are from KR Double which is the Luna Trigger Form, Extreme Form, Accel Rider and Skull Rider. Liking the Skull with the hat.(Hat are made from hard rubber - not bendable)

Lastly. all from Vol.9 are display as shown below with some from previous series. Enjoy


Sunday, April 3, 2011

TRANSFORMERS - WheelJack + ThunderCracker

This week saw the latest release from Hasbro Transformers : Generation series. As am eyeing for the ThunderCracker to complete my seekers plane with StarScream and Skywarp, guess this is mission accomplish. As for the WheelJack, one of my favorites G1 character so that a must get too. I don't know why warpath is so over-rated, guess to each its own kua.

Front Packaging - still the same old packaging design
Back Packaging - now with the "MC" sticker

Zoom in of WheelJack

Zoom in of ThunderCracker

I'll do open pics and some review of them both later this week. Its gonna be awesome.