Friday, February 22, 2013

Lego Polybag Haul

Starting to get more and more into lego nowadays. Pick up some lego promo polybag locally with great price. Series include Lego CITY, Lords of the Rings, Monster Fighters and Marvel's Superheroes. Will post them open up and assemble as soon as i'm able. It will be fun to build those little set up and put in casing.

Hope to buy more polybag in the future, its fun and addictive at the same time. Cheers.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sentai PR DX Robo

The annual spring cleaning is here and gone, re-arrange some of my Super Sentai / Power rangers DX Robo for display. Due to limited space, not all DX were display. Will probably rotate them once every now and there. For now, this is what it look like. Cheers..

Click for larger pic. Try to guess how many are on display and name them. :) 


Friday, February 15, 2013

KRE-O Transformers

Hasbro has been putting out more lego like products called "KRE-O" featuring the Transformers licensing. Wasn't interested in them all the while so now when they release these blind packet just like Lego MiniFIGURE series that they called Micro-Changers, i got tempted!. Really WTH right, i 've been told that the quality and joint of these Kre-O ain't nothing like Lego. So when the 1st initial release aka "Preview Series" featuring just 6 character, i made a pass at them and told myself not to get involved with another new series.

Time passes by and now right in front of me a brand new Series 1 of Micro Changers just hanging on the peg looking at me. Pick up 3 and tell myself, i like those character, just out of curiosity and review them. What do u know, they really AIN'T nothing like Lego Minifigures, so here goes...

The blind packaging (Front and back view)
Back view showing all the 16 figure with its alternate mode.(Beast / Vehicle mode)
Since its my 1st purchase, i been trying real hard to "Picit Picit" for the parts and i've no idea how it is. So i just pick 3 bulky looking pack and hope for the best . 

What's inside the pack is a 1 piece instruction sheet and 
a pack for wrap up KRE-O 's parts

Pack 1 - Decepticon Hook from Constructicon.. 
Un-Assemble Parts and Robot and Vehicle mode.

Pack 2 - Decepticon Blugeon.. 
Un-Assemble Parts and Robot and Vehicle mode. 

Pack 3 - Decepticon Insecticon.. (I got all 3 decepti-creep!)
Un-Assemble Parts and Robot and Vehicle mode. 
+1 : Like the Feature at the back showing all the character.
+1 : Got number to identify which character is which (Just found this out)
+1 : Instruction Sheet (for complicating characters)
+1 : Parts in plastic bag in packing. (Prevent lost part if packing open unexpectedly)
+1 : Like all the robot mode
- 1 : Hate most of the vehicle/beast mode.
- 1 : Hate the chest piece which covers the body print 
        (Notice i didn't put any on my robo mode)
+1 : Like the block stand.
- 1 : Block stand too bulky
- 1 : Hate the Torso joint, twist and it loose, move and it loose.
- 1 : Arm attachment accessories, hate is as its loose, swinging around.
- 1 : Hand to arm joint, white line on them like going to break.


KRE-O combiners, looking forward to that for reviews