Friday, February 15, 2013

KRE-O Transformers

Hasbro has been putting out more lego like products called "KRE-O" featuring the Transformers licensing. Wasn't interested in them all the while so now when they release these blind packet just like Lego MiniFIGURE series that they called Micro-Changers, i got tempted!. Really WTH right, i 've been told that the quality and joint of these Kre-O ain't nothing like Lego. So when the 1st initial release aka "Preview Series" featuring just 6 character, i made a pass at them and told myself not to get involved with another new series.

Time passes by and now right in front of me a brand new Series 1 of Micro Changers just hanging on the peg looking at me. Pick up 3 and tell myself, i like those character, just out of curiosity and review them. What do u know, they really AIN'T nothing like Lego Minifigures, so here goes...

The blind packaging (Front and back view)
Back view showing all the 16 figure with its alternate mode.(Beast / Vehicle mode)
Since its my 1st purchase, i been trying real hard to "Picit Picit" for the parts and i've no idea how it is. So i just pick 3 bulky looking pack and hope for the best . 

What's inside the pack is a 1 piece instruction sheet and 
a pack for wrap up KRE-O 's parts

Pack 1 - Decepticon Hook from Constructicon.. 
Un-Assemble Parts and Robot and Vehicle mode.

Pack 2 - Decepticon Blugeon.. 
Un-Assemble Parts and Robot and Vehicle mode. 

Pack 3 - Decepticon Insecticon.. (I got all 3 decepti-creep!)
Un-Assemble Parts and Robot and Vehicle mode. 
+1 : Like the Feature at the back showing all the character.
+1 : Got number to identify which character is which (Just found this out)
+1 : Instruction Sheet (for complicating characters)
+1 : Parts in plastic bag in packing. (Prevent lost part if packing open unexpectedly)
+1 : Like all the robot mode
- 1 : Hate most of the vehicle/beast mode.
- 1 : Hate the chest piece which covers the body print 
        (Notice i didn't put any on my robo mode)
+1 : Like the block stand.
- 1 : Block stand too bulky
- 1 : Hate the Torso joint, twist and it loose, move and it loose.
- 1 : Arm attachment accessories, hate is as its loose, swinging around.
- 1 : Hand to arm joint, white line on them like going to break.


KRE-O combiners, looking forward to that for reviews

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