Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lego MiniFigures 6 - Sneak peek

Howdy collectors, with series 5 of the Mini Figures being release in the U.S. We now have some sneak peek of series 6 in the making that will made its debut in 2012 next year. How accurate of these sneak peek remain a questions until the official release. Until then feast your eyes on these photo shoot for series 6.

                                          The Butcher                            The Mechanic
                                           The Minator                             The Leprechaun

                                           The Genie                             The Skateboard Girl
                                              The Warrior                      The Space Women

                                         Statue of Liberty                               Aliens

                                              The Secret files of Series 6 mini Figures
Wow wow wow .. really cant wait to see official photo of series 6, so far, they looks very very promising.. the Genie, Statue of Liberty, Minator are awesome! Will keep everybody posted on new info when its available.. cheers.



  1. Like the Minotaur and roman guy.

    1. i love the sleepy head