Thursday, June 28, 2012


So i was just passing by the local TRU and BAM!! Something very colorful that caught my attentions. The MIGHTY BEANZ has made a comeback and this time with series 4!, Yes series 2 and 3 elude our shore so now its 4. I believed its series 6 now in Australia.

This time, there are more choices to choose from, ranging from a 2pack, 3 pack and a 6pack. Also something new which is the Beanz MACHINEZ, these machinez have a Mighty Beanz in the drivers seat. Very interesting as when the machine is roll, the beanz tilt with it as well. There are 6 machine design to choose from and each design with 2 difference color and a limited edition beanz.

The Flip track is called the Snake track due to the snake head design and its glow in the dark, the Beanz included is a special edition Beanz not available in the 2, 3 and 6 pack.

The 2pack is worth mentioning here, 3 difference packaging design to choose from (hope lego minifigures packing will be something like this), i'm really liking it and from the pack i've got, its a Transparent (is this the so-called crystal beanz?) and a normal beanz.

More posting on the beanz coming soon. Mighty BEANZ, collect them all!. CHEERS.


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