Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fighter Aircraft Collection # 1

This is NEW!! or rather new to local market in all major bookstore nationwide. A new magazine series featuring Planes of all ages and comes with a free Die cast plane model with every fortnightly release. 

FIGHTER AIRCRAFT Collection has made its way to all leading bookstore outlet as well as newsagent all over the country.  1st issue is at a promotional price of rm 9.90 featuring the all famous "SpitFire", 2nd issue at discounted price of rm19.90 featuring the "Messerschmitt BF109" and 3rd issue will feature the "P-51 Mustang" and will be price at rm 29.90 and from here on each subsequent issue will be price at rm 29.90 each. 

The magazine is like a giant Encyclopedia of famous real-life aircraft, its history, the pilot, technical specification and other information related to the aircraft. All those info are fitted into 12 awesome pages of the collections magazine.

The die-cast model of the Aircraft is amazingly detail but one have to choose for a better paint job. The model comes with a stand and if there a subscriptions to this series, a collector will also get 4 more EXCLUSIVE Bomber aircraft not available at bookstore and binders for the magazine.

Don't waste time, subscribe the series as its really worth the $ spend and the model is simply amazing. Can't wait to get issue 2 and so on.


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